phil.smith 14:28 10 Oct 2003

Can anyone recommend hardware which will transfer my photographs and slides onto CD

  johnnyrocker 14:37 10 Oct 2003

you dont say if they are on your pc or not, if they are i use nero very effectively for doing the above.



  phil.smith 14:42 10 Oct 2003

They are on paper and as slides. Is there a specific machine for copying photos and slides (other than an ordinary scanner)?

  Stuartli 15:18 10 Oct 2003

Yes, it's called a film scanner and you can get them from £129 plus p and p upwards.

But the more you pay, the better the resolution. Important, as 35mm film quality is way above the resolution capability of a normal flatbed scanner at well over 2000dpi.

Try click here for reconditioned Minolta models at just over £200.

There are adapters for flatbed scanners but, as pointed out, the resolution is inadequate for film.

A search on this forum for film scanners will bring up the outlet for the cheap film scanner (it was £179 at that time); something like

  [DELETED] 15:48 10 Oct 2003

Give much better resolution than a flatbed and adapter, but whether you need that high a resolution will depend on what you want to do with them once they are on CD.

If you 'just' want to view them, or let others view them, on screen then you do not really need the highest resolution. On the other hand if you want to get enlargements at A4+ you might well need a film scanner.

I have a Minolta film scanner from Morgan on my desk and it is great. If your budget can stretch to one with ICE technology, which automatically removes dust and scratches, I think it would be worth it. If not be prepared for some work in an imaging program!

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