Photograph Albums.

  ams4127 16:46 01 Feb 2012

My recently married daughter had all the photography carried out by a professional photographer. No complaints there, the results are stunning.

She and her husband have bought a DVD with all the photos, but baulked at the cost of an album (£850).

Anyone got any ideas about where they should go from here? Does anyone know of a reputable firm which might help?

I should be most grateful for any bright ideas.

  Forum Editor 18:15 01 Feb 2012

Tell your daughter to make sure she has a copyright release from the photographer. He has copyright in all the images of her wedding, unless she has arranged a release with him.

Once she is satisfied on that count she can go to any good photo lab with the DVD and get them to copy away to her heart's content. They'll make high-quality prints for her, and she can mount them in an album herself, or get them to recommend someone who will do it for her.

Professional photo printing at high resolution is not cheap - you get what you pay for.

  ams4127 21:58 01 Feb 2012

Thank you for taking the trouble to reply FE. I am much obliged.

I shall pass on your information tomorrow and leave it to her to sort out. Her husband works on the oil rigs in the North sea and won't be back ashore for a couple of weeks.

To be quite honest, I'm not fully certain of exactly what she wants. I did tell her to take the DVD to a professional printer and have them done properly (she has the release), but she didn't want to stick the individual prints into a physical album. I think she is looking for a website with a layout of album pages, into which she can paste the photos and then download the whole thing.

However, since she is female, anything I suggest will automatically be wrong!! I want to get her exact requirements before blundering on!

Once again, thank you for your ideas.

  Forum Editor 00:37 02 Feb 2012

"I think she is looking for a website with a layout of album pages, into which she can paste the photos and then download the whole thing."

she might be interested in this

This company has been well reviewed. The idea is that you download some free software, create your own layout and album style using your images, then upload the lot and they produce the album for you.

  v1asco 06:37 02 Feb 2012

This maybe what you need if you have a Costco nearby

Their meat is good to.

membership rules aren't to restrictive accept merchant seaman so probably N sea workers also

  ams4127 16:15 02 Feb 2012


Thanks to you both. I have forwarded the links to my daughter and, hopefully, will have gained a few brownie points!!

FE and bugle

Thanks again.

  chub_tor 16:51 02 Feb 2012

My granddaughter did exactly as FE has suggested but she used Snapfish we were all delighted with the albums she supplied us with.

  flick 01:11 03 Feb 2012

We made some albums of our son's weddings (one in India and one in England) using My Publisher as mentioned by bugle above. You can use the supplied templates or design your own layout for complete control and there are a variety of choices of book size.

I thought the finished product was of excellent quality; heavy weight paper, gloss or matte finish, book jacket if desired and looked like a professional coffee table book. They often have special offers eg. 2 for 1 or extra pages free, which can bring the overall cost down considerably.

A problem with one book where pages had been bound out of order was dealt with very efficiently with all return costs met by My Publisher.

  ams4127 16:07 03 Feb 2012

chub_tor, flick

Thanks for your input which I shall pass on to her.

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