Photo Software & Printer. . . .Recommend the best

  BEGBIE 20:22 21 Dec 2003

Hi All.

Looking for a short cut !
Can any or all please advise me on what is felt to be the best Printer (Under £120) for Photo's and the best Photo software (i.e Adobe etc..).

Tall order, but can anyone make a suggestion ?

Thanks in advance.

  shifty 20:56 21 Dec 2003

I would go for the Jasc 8 Paint Shop Pro programme as one of the best to use. I have used the programme for quite some time and find it superb to use. I purchased a very expensive copy of the all singing all dancing Adobe photoshop 7 software and always end up reverting back to Jasc. As for a photo printer I wouldn't reccommend any, after personal experience I can honestly say that you will not find any colour difference that can be observed with the human eye from a photo printed on a normal printer or a six colour photo printer. My Dad is a retired semi pro photographer and he thinks it is a con. I would go for a decent normal printer and then source some decent quality gloss photo paper such a Iilford which will make all the difference to your prints.

  shifty 21:02 21 Dec 2003

A decent printer at a decent price is the HP 5550, original price was £149 now £59.95 at Argos. I ended purchasing three to replace ink thirsty Epsons.

  BEGBIE 22:25 21 Dec 2003


Thanks... looking into it..

  sdf 23:49 21 Dec 2003

dunno the price but I wouldnt hestitate to personally endorse the Canon i865 as im sure many others would!

  fitfella29 01:39 22 Dec 2003

ive got the canon i865 and cant praise it enough,prints exceptional quality prints and you can print directly onto cd and dvd discs.

  alcudia 12:15 22 Dec 2003

Got Photoshop7 and Paint Shop Pro 8. Go for PSP, Like shifty I prefer it to Photoshop, and its a fraction of the price.

  Diemmess 15:54 23 Dec 2003

If there is so very little difference between good standard inkjets and their more expensive photo-brothers, I think the same way, about software.

It depends on the skill and tenacity of the "author" using the software. If someone is truly comfortable and experienced with something that costs say £50, then he would be mad to spend £350 for software which in his hands will not bring a six times improvement.

I use Corel Photopaint because it was bundled with an upgrade of CorelDrw which I am very used to using. I then forced myself away from MicroGrfX Picture Publisher to help with file transfer problems.

My entire experience of Digital Photography has been with Photopaint and I feel I know the app. well by now........ I think Photoshop is probably better, but only to the experienced. Paint Shop Pro and Irfanview could be all that the casual user needs, good results, no fuss and quick to use.

Like all "Art" the result is mostly subjective, and the better for not having to think too hard about HOW to do it.

  minter 20:46 23 Dec 2003

Why not have a look at the Canon range of printers.

If you click here you can send them one of your pics and they will print it and send you a copy so you can compare it with others.

Have recently purchase an i865 and an i965 and would personally recommend the i865 as a better buy.

The i865 has two black ink cartridges, and is quite a bit better at printing black and white than the i965 whose black tends to be very dark grey.

The i550 is almost as good as the i865, and cheaper still.

I use Photoshop and if you are prepared to stick with it and learn as many of its finer points it is very good, but at around £400 more than PSP it is a lot to pay for that bit extra, unless you need it.

  minter 20:48 23 Dec 2003


  Belatucadrus 23:21 23 Dec 2003

I just got PSP 7 free with a 50 pack of imation CDrs well worth looking for the promotional packs.

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