Photo printers

  Bucko3 20:38 22 Aug 2004

Or in particular these little dedicated ones for about £140 or so. Are they any good? I, like many of us, have thousands of photos on the hard drive but rarelky get round to e-mailing them off to Boots or wherever. A dedicated prointer like that seems to fit the bill, but are they just a low quality gimic?

  Jarvo 07:01 23 Aug 2004

and take to boots/tesco 50 prints £5 thats 10p a print you will not get cheaper than that.


  terryr48 13:33 23 Aug 2004

I have to agree with Jarvo, take them to Boots, you can't print them this cheap, althought I have a photo printer I havn't used it for photos for ages.

  Totally-braindead 15:46 23 Aug 2004

I believe from what I've read that the quality is good to excellent depending on which one you choose but I must admit this is just from reviews as I've never used on myself. I notice the Epson one is saying that the prints will last at least 10 years too. The problem withem I think is the running costs, I'm sure they will work out dreadfully expensive to run but since I've never actually tried it I can't say this is definetly the case. I think Jarvo and terryr48 may have hit the nail on the head. If you're really interested in one of these printers I suggest you do a google search for independant reviews and see what they say about running costs and quality.

  slim 65 16:55 23 Aug 2004

Have a look at the Canon i865, current PCA best buy. This printer is no "gimmick" ,it produces very good results and you can also try it before you buy click here

I do quite a lot of photo printing and the results from the i865 are excellent. PCA review has it spot on. Personally I cant be bothered to sent my photo's away, I want the results NOW!

  Falkyrn 22:55 23 Aug 2004

I have been checking out this size of printer (2 from Hp and 1 Epson)

The epson wins on quality but is approx £140 the basic Hp at £89 pounds is not bad for occasional use but as mentioned above my primary concern as the machine will be used by my son is the overall running costs which work out relatively high.

  Falkyrn 00:10 24 Aug 2004

I should have said for slightly less 9approx £120)there is the Epson R300 which I have found to be an excellent photoprinter and with compatible cartrdiges from amongst others Choice ...reasonably inexpensive to run.

  kspatto 22:04 24 Aug 2004

I can recommend the canon i865 excellent for large/unusual prints but for 6*4 prints take them to the asda/boots/tesco 50 for £5 you realy cant beat that(would suggest you pick your 50 first and put them on cdrw as the queue can be long and people get irate if your there picking the best 50 from 180 shots)you can get compatible inks for the canon also the originals are fairly priced ish

the canon also comes with attachments to print 6*4 papers and direct to disc


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