Photo paper advice, please

  GaT7 15:43 13 Mar 2006

Has anyone tried this Green 260gsm A4 Gloss Photo Paper from SVP click here - & is it any good?

It works out to 20x A4 sheets = £4.75, or 40x A4 sheets = £8.40 (both incl del). I won't get better for the price, will I?

Also, what paper type of glossy, matt, satin & silky would you recommend ? Satin = silky = matt? Ta, G

  [DELETED] 16:11 13 Mar 2006

I would suggest buying the Choice sample pack and seeing what you think. click here
Regarding what paper is best in my opinion its down to personal preference. I use matt for printing some things and a heavyweight gloss mainly for photos. I tried the satin papers but wasn't that impressed and prefered the gloss but as I said I think its down to personal preference. I always use Choice papers and their compatible cartridges as well. I haven't tried them yet but Novatech are doing their own paper too click here

  [DELETED] 17:02 13 Mar 2006

Have bought quite a few things from SVP but not paper. Mine comes from Choice. Choice don't appear to be very competitive against SVP price for roughly the same weight paper. You might not get better on the price but what about the quality?

Might be worth a sample pack from Choice as Totally-braindead suggests plus a 20 pack from SVP and check the difference. The Choice equivalent is 254gsm but is quite a lot more in cost than SVP. In fact I might do the same, I am needing some heavyweight gloss (I usually buy 180gsm) but I will give the SVP offer a go and see how it compares to Choice.

  Diemmess 17:24 13 Mar 2006

Papers and printers have a liking/dislike which is quite unpredictable and very much a personal choice.

As a rule I prefer to pretend to the printer that the paper is one grade down on what it really is. So using say photo quality paper I choose to tell the printer it is Inkjet paper, and inkjet is plain paper and so on.

The only exception is for printer manufacturer's own premium glossy when I tell the truth!

  [DELETED] 17:25 13 Mar 2006

I just had a look at the 20 pack you give the link to Crossbow7 and the price it gives is £7.95, if you calculate it for the Economy delivery its still £7.37 if you choose 40 sheets its still £9.46 even Economy delivery. The Choice is £12.49 for 20 sheets so admitadly it still much cheaper but you said the price included delivery, am I doing something wrong?

  Stuartli 17:30 13 Mar 2006

I find that Aldi's A4 Rex brand 200 g/sm glossy photo pager at £4.99 for 50 sheets to be excellent.

  [DELETED] 17:35 13 Mar 2006

Check the Novatech link

I bought 50 x 2 = 100 sheets
delivered ( very quickly ) for £11

Thats 'cheap as chips' no one comes close????
AND the paper gives really good results, have tried many different ones over the years

  [DELETED] 17:44 13 Mar 2006

Totally-braindead, yes you are. You need to select UK Mainland and IOW/UK Royal Mail £2.26

total £4.75.

  [DELETED] 17:51 13 Mar 2006

Thanks for that pj123

  GaT7 18:46 13 Mar 2006

SVP £4.75, using the UK Royal Mail option - click here.

I think I'll have the glossy.

Yes, I though of the sample pack, but they appear much lower value than going for the 260gsm 20/40 pack.

SVP sample pack x14(only) click here = £6.00

The best is the Aldi price, but unfortunately I cannot get to one.

So it's down to these:

* SVP 260gsm x50 click here = £9.38
* SVP 260gsm x40 click here = £8.40
* SVP 210gsm x50 click here = £7.41
* Novatech 200gsm x50 click here = £7.67
(I'd seen your earlier thread wallbash click here).
* Argos 255gsm x40(after bogof) click here £9.99 (I can get this immediately, thro store pickup)

The SVP 260gsms appear the best. Will leave the thread open a while longer to consider more options. Thanks again, G

  GaT7 18:48 13 Mar 2006

Sorry, didn't refresh! G

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