Photo paper advice, please

  GaT7 15:43 13 Mar 2006

Has anyone tried this Green 260gsm A4 Gloss Photo Paper from SVP click here - & is it any good?

It works out to 20x A4 sheets = £4.75, or 40x A4 sheets = £8.40 (both incl del). I won't get better for the price, will I?

Also, what paper type of glossy, matt, satin & silky would you recommend ? Satin = silky = matt? Ta, G

  Diemmess 17:24 13 Mar 2006

Papers and printers have a liking/dislike which is quite unpredictable and very much a personal choice.

As a rule I prefer to pretend to the printer that the paper is one grade down on what it really is. So using say photo quality paper I choose to tell the printer it is Inkjet paper, and inkjet is plain paper and so on.

The only exception is for printer manufacturer's own premium glossy when I tell the truth!

  Stuartli 17:30 13 Mar 2006

I find that Aldi's A4 Rex brand 200 g/sm glossy photo pager at £4.99 for 50 sheets to be excellent.

  GaT7 18:46 13 Mar 2006

SVP £4.75, using the UK Royal Mail option - click here.

I think I'll have the glossy.

Yes, I though of the sample pack, but they appear much lower value than going for the 260gsm 20/40 pack.

SVP sample pack x14(only) click here = £6.00

The best is the Aldi price, but unfortunately I cannot get to one.

So it's down to these:

* SVP 260gsm x50 click here = £9.38
* SVP 260gsm x40 click here = £8.40
* SVP 210gsm x50 click here = £7.41
* Novatech 200gsm x50 click here = £7.67
(I'd seen your earlier thread wallbash click here).
* Argos 255gsm x40(after bogof) click here £9.99 (I can get this immediately, thro store pickup)

The SVP 260gsms appear the best. Will leave the thread open a while longer to consider more options. Thanks again, G

  GaT7 18:48 13 Mar 2006

Sorry, didn't refresh! G

  GaT7 20:18 21 Mar 2006

Thanks for getting back pj123.

Initially I settled for 8x A4 230gsm Photo paper for £1.50 from our local Wilkinson (yes, Wilko of all places!), & then got some gloss-cum-matt 40x A4 235gsm paper off eBay for £4.50 delivered.

Forgot to mention that this is my first attempt at photo printing. Didn't think I could afford it really, but with 2 HP ink cartridges (1xcolour & 1xphoto) for £6-7 (all incl) off eBay & relatively inexpensive paper I thought I couldn't do much wrong! Photo cartridge is on it's way, so haven't done any printing yet. G

  GaT7 19:01 25 Mar 2006

Thanks all. This has all ended in tears. Couldn't get prints anywhere near photo quality - they were quite horrible to be honest.

I'm putting it down to a possibly defunct printer of more than 5 years - it still prints non-photo jobs well enough though. Tried everything from getting more cartridges, to aligning & cleaning them to changing paper & settings.

Time to buy a new printer, or forget about home photo printing for the moment & continue to use the online photo companies that have been excellent & economical so far. G

  GaT7 19:03 25 Mar 2006

Giving this a ticking off, but any more info or advice gratefully received - I'll keep checking for new posts from time to time. G

  GaT7 19:59 31 Mar 2006

OK, I know not what I did but it's printing better, but still a LOT to be desired.

wallbash, thanks. I may heed your advice a few Springs down the line. The online photo outlets are far more economical (aren't they?), & more so if one uses the many free offers click here ; ) G

  oresome 20:41 31 Mar 2006

Unless you're prepared to go with paper from the printer manufacturer, getting good results requires quite a bit of trial and don't buy paper in large quantities until you're satisfied with the results.

I've always found the paper to have a greater influence on the end result than using either a original or compatible cartridge.

For standard size prints, commercial operators are much more cost effective. Save the home printing for enlargements.

  GaT7 21:03 31 Mar 2006

Thanks oresome, will keep that in mind for the future. About buying paper in large quantities - that's too late I'm afraid, but fortunately didn't spend too much. G


NOTE: NO16 is compatible with click here (& scroll down). To work, it also requires a standard working colour cartridge to be installed in the printer as well (a black cartridge will not do).

If this doesn't get a response in the next few days I'll post a fresh thread, which the FE will hopefully allow.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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