rmriph 13:06 14 Aug 2004

Hi,I am looking to add music and copy my photos to CD,pay £20 to £40 for a decent programme, any advice please? Thank you.

  Stuartli 13:10 14 Aug 2004

The Digital Photo Editing Suite on the September issue of PCA's cover disk includes the facility to add music (PhotoImpact).

  rmriph 13:18 14 Aug 2004

Many thanks ,can it also transfer images to CD?

  TomJerry 15:03 14 Aug 2004

To produce slideshow on CD/DVD which can be played on a standard domestic DVD player click here

If you want to produce slideshow to play on PC, you only need free Irfanview click here which is an highly regarded excellent image viewing program.

  g0nvs 15:09 14 Aug 2004

I find the best program for doing this is, Pro-Show Gold, take a look here, regards.
click here

  rmriph 17:00 14 Aug 2004

Thank you all for your help i will try the recommendations,lets hope i will be able to help others when i gain in experience

  Stuartli 17:33 14 Aug 2004

Any information - from a well laid out index of dozens of articles - you require on anything to do with CD/DVD rewriters, including transferring, copying and creating from a range of sources, can be found at click here

General information and software and utilities from click here

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