photo driving licence renewal Query

  timsmith259 12:29 19 Nov 2010

While my driving licence is being renewed can i till drive without as they want to both the green counter part and the pink photo.

many thanks

  littlestan 12:32 19 Nov 2010

Yes you can. If you dealyed renewing it, there is a fine of £1000 - I know someone who has been fined! If you are stopped by the police it is accepted that these kind of things happen and you would just have to produce it when it is returned from the DVLA. They don't take very long to renew it in my experience - I kept a photocopy before I sent my off - but luckily it was not needed!!

  wiz-king 12:34 19 Nov 2010

You are supposed to carry it with you but in those circumstances you could produce a photocopy and then you may be require to show the 'real' one within 14 days at a police station. The police can look you up on the PNC to check the details if they want to.

  HondaMan 13:26 19 Nov 2010

Not in this country!

  spuds 17:20 19 Nov 2010

Keep photocopies, and make sure that you have record from the post office that the item was sent. Many go missing in the post, and you don't want the hassle of trying to persuade someone of what you actually did.

  morddwyd 19:59 19 Nov 2010

Why not do it on line?

I've just done mine

When the new one arrives you send the old one back.

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