Phoning a mobile in Spain - cheap calls?

  sebiven 18:18 23 Oct 2008

Has anyone used any of the "cheap" services to call a mobile in Spain?

Other than a landline we have contract mobiles on both T-Mobile and O2.

Family members are house hunting in Almeria and are on Orange.

There are a plethera of services offering a cheaper way of phoning but it is a minefield!

Personal experiences would be appreciated.


  aitch2 19:02 23 Oct 2008

Daughter is in Madrid at the moment so contact is by phone until she's up and running with internet, tehn we'll use Skype. BT landline to Orange mobile is expensive; you are charged for making the call and she is charged for receiving it. Not much better rate if you try Orange Mobile (Uk based) to her Orange mobile. However, you can try click here and theyreckon it's about 3p per minute. I think the web address for 'planet' is correct, but google it to be sure.

  Condom 19:52 23 Oct 2008

I make long distance calls to mobile phones in the far east everyday. I use the 0844 service which charges me 1p per minute and the initial 0844 call is free from my Virgin account so in total I am only paying 1p. Very rarely do I have any problems and if there are any it is normally due to the Thai end. Google 0844 and you can see a list of all the countries you can call from the UK together with the cost of calling to both a landline and a mobile number.

  sebiven 13:10 24 Oct 2008

Thanks for your comments,but having googled previously I was presented with all the options you've mentioned but visiting the various sites, and a comparison site,the call costs vary between around 5-15p/min.

That's quite acceptable,but the ratings of the services offered by customer recommendation are from "useless" to "diabolical" hence my original request for personal experiences.

I'll let this thread run a while.Somebody may come up with something new!

  Stuartli 14:37 24 Oct 2008

I use Dial0844 to occasionally call one of my offspring on her mobile if she's at work, but a comparison chart can be found at

click here

Calling the Caymans is very expensive compared to many other countries (normally use Skype but depends on the time of day) and is not covered by my TalkTalk International3 Package's free Anytime calls to 36 international countries...:-(

Using Dial0844 used to cost 5p a minute to her mobile or landline, but has now gone up to 7p for the mobile as an 0871 number is used.

  sebiven 17:19 24 Oct 2008

Stuartli - thanks for that link,it made interesting reading!

Pleased to say that after a little more research decided on Dialwise - click here - and have made the first call to Spain.

Their costs were quoted at 6p/minute so will check my BT bill online in the morning to see exactly how it all works out.

Thanks everyone.I'll green tick this!

  Condom 17:40 24 Oct 2008

Glad to be of help. Dialwise is of course 0844 and I think it goes to show that competition within Europe is not all it is cracked up to be. 1p per minute to call a mobile in Thailand yet it costs 6p min to call a mobile in Spain.

Still even at 6p per min it is a huge improvement on normal prices. I'm sure you will not be disappointed

  Stuartli 19:15 24 Oct 2008

Dialwise is what I described as Dial0844, a similar service.

In fact the female voice and script used to convey instructions is exactly the same on both, along with the alternative 0871xxxxxx service now provided for phoning mobiles.

  Stuartli 19:17 24 Oct 2008

You may well find that such services' call charges can change from day to day or week to week; sometimes you get a message stating that the service to a particular country is (temporarily) unavailable.

  amonra 20:28 24 Oct 2008

Have a google at 1899, very competitive rates.

  bluenote 15:11 31 Oct 2008

hi sebiven did you check to see if what you were expecting to be charged was correct.I often call a mobile in spain and it costs a small fortune.

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