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  jaraba 16:41 04 Aug 2008

Went in there today & was offered a deal on a new phone with a cash back option.
Seem to remember a lot of bad reports about cash back.
Anyone had one of these deals from them and how did it pan out.?

  day2strike 16:47 04 Aug 2008

I have never taken up a cash-back deals as i prefer money off or accessories free when i buy a phone.

Cash back deals came in for a pounding a few years ago as so many people were not getting the money they were owed.

  josie mayhem 16:49 04 Aug 2008

The biggest problem with the first cash back that companies introduced weren't automatic...

The customer had to make a claim at certain stages of there contract to get the money and of course some companies made this part of the deal difficult to claim...

It seemed that they neglected to tell customer A, that the customer had to make the claim B, that they had to keep certain bits of the set up paper work for the details to enable a sucessful claim....

A lot of disgrumpled customers if I remember rightly...

If the deal was reasonable and comparitive with other deals offered and the cash back payment is a automatic payment then if it looks like by saying yes you really aren't going to lose or if you do it's will be a very small lose... Then it might be worth a serious consideration indeed

  tillybaby 19:08 04 Aug 2008

I was severely ripped off by this company,

A few years ago I was shopping for my first contract phone so was a bit thick, the salesman came and sold me a phone that was so good I would have been an idiot not to take up the offer which included a cash back offer. For some reason I thought the cash back would be paid autumatically and when it wasn't and I looked into the transaction further I was informed that the salesman should have given me some form or other which he didn't, because of this and because I'd missed the dead line anyway I didn't receive a penny,

I've never shopped in their stores since.

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