phone scam beware

  johnnyrocker 23:58 26 Nov 2004

Below are details of a scam currently going the rounds. The police have requested that as many people are alerted as possible. Unfortunately it is a genuine scam.

Police Report.

The reason this is working so well is it plays on your good will!

Picture the scene:-

You are sitting at home and there is a knock at the door. On answering it you are confronted by a respectable looking woman in a suit, who is slightly distressed. She explains that her car has broken down further down the road and she needs to contact her husband to come to her aid. Is it at all possible to use your phone to call him?

You allow her to use the phone, but being the suspicious type you stand with her as she makes the call. She dials the number, and asks to be put through to Mr Smith / Brown / Stevens (Whatever). She holds the line for about thirty seconds. She continues, "In that case can you ask him to leave the meeting for a minute I need to speak to him quite urgently." She apologies again and explains they are getting him out of a meeting.

A couple of minutes goes by and she starts to speak to her husband. She explains the situation to him, tells him what has happened to the car, is annoyed because she now can't get to her meeting, and asks what she should do now. She listens for a few seconds and then says, "Well as soon as the meeting finishes can you come to Cardiff Road / Leicester Road / Surrey Street (Whatever), where the car has broken down. Another few seconds go by, "OK, I'll see you in about twenty minutes then."

She put the phone down, and thanks you ever so much for your kind assistance, even offering you a pound for your trouble, but of course you decline, it's no trouble.

She leaves and everything is fine.

Or is it?

The day or week before knocking on your door she set up her own premium rate line with a telephone company at the cost of about £150, and she has dictated that calls to that number should be charged at £50 per minute. She has dialled that number. The conversation she has had with her "husband" is entirely fictitious, there is a pre-recorded voice message on the other end to give you the impression she is talking to someone. She has been on the phone for about five minutes, that call just cost you £250, the majority of which goes into her pocket, and the first you know about it is when you get your bill a month later.

To rub a bit of salt into the wound, she hasn't even committed a criminal offence. You've given her permission to use your phone. 5 occasions in Luton where this has been reported in the last couple of weeks.

Would anyone reading this please pass it on to friends and colleagues etc. otherwise it could cost someone a lot of money

  johnnyrocker 00:49 27 Nov 2004

the previous one doing the rounds was the supposed phone call posing as a cable company checking phone lines and asking people to press nine and allegedly handing the line over to them


i shall await the knok on my door

  johnnyrocker 01:07 27 Nov 2004

dunno guv just tryin to be helpful in case there is a grain of truth.


ps the force in question is luton

  hugh-265156 02:04 27 Nov 2004

not true sorry click here

  Forum Editor 02:09 27 Nov 2004

on this kind of stuff before posting it in the forum. This one is an old hoax, and has been around for ages. Please don't pass it on to anybody - that's what the silly people who start these hoax scares want you to do.

  spuds 11:49 27 Nov 2004

After seeing the large warning notice on the door, and listening to the two dogs howling for blood, nobody knocks my door or uses the door bells :o)

  Colin 12:43 27 Nov 2004

I assume that johnnyrocker has done this with the best of intentions. If anything, it has made people aware of the chain letter intent, I wasn't. At least living on the fifth floor of a block of flats means that this particular scam, if it could be true, is unlikely to happen to me!

  johnnyrocker 11:35 28 Nov 2004

re fe comments

good advice, having read the facts click here

an average posting to ten people by generation 6 it involves around 3000000 useless mails in circulation at any one time and it does not take a genius to translate that into server load.
i shall in future be using the above site before creating un useful load on anyones server.


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