Phone number for Dabs??

  plankton 12:50 01 Sep 2003

I suppose this is a stupid question, but IS there a phone number for Dabs, so that I can ask a person a very simple question? I've tried by e-mail, but it's obviously a bit complicated to read/answer.

P.S. I am NOT having a go at Dabs. (Yet). ;o)

  -pops- 14:02 01 Sep 2003

Tried directory enquiries? click here

  plankton 14:08 01 Sep 2003

Thanks, I already phoned, it's an answer machine that cuts you off after telling you to contact them electronically. I have tried e-mail again, asking the question in an even simpler format. ;o)

  Hazlitt 14:09 01 Sep 2003

If there isn't a phone number at the Dabs website, the question you've got to ask is why. It's not a good idea to do business with a firm that deliberately conceals its phone number.

  -pops- 14:15 01 Sep 2003

But have you tried DQ? I remember another company who had a similar system to the one you describe but going to directories gave me a "real number" that got a response. Worth a try - doesn't cost (unlike phoning for a number!)

  plankton 14:16 01 Sep 2003

They do explain that they are trying to cut down on the one-to-one, and thereby the costs presumably, by doing ALL their non-corporation work over the net. But I am starting to think like yourself - it is a simple question I want to ask.... :o)

  plankton 14:23 01 Sep 2003

Yes, I got the number from "DQ" - Dabs don't list a number on the web anymore. (it says since last September). Thanks anyway.

  -pops- 14:42 01 Sep 2003

Is this the number you tried 0870 429 3000?

You could try increasing the number by one digit at a time to see if you get anyhere that way e.g. 3001, 3002 etc. My thinking is that firms that buy 0870 numbers usually buy a block of them.

  plankton 14:50 01 Sep 2003

Yes it is the number. Do they really? I never knew that, this site is a font of all knowledge.

  Edbanger 15:58 01 Sep 2003

Try this,
Dabs Com Plc Computer Systems & Software
Tel: 01483-797676
I don't know if it works but i got it from here.

click here


  plankton 16:20 01 Sep 2003

Nice try - number unobtainable !!

Still trying the other methodology (got interrupted by work!). Still answerphones so far...

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