Phone Line

  jaraba 19:06 04 Dec 2008

Checked my line as recommended on another thread & report said:-
"However, there is another service on your phone line (e.g. ADSL, LLU, DACS, etc) that would prevent you from ordering a new ADSL connection."

Any info on what it all means.
I have heard the "DACS" somewhere before.

I have a o2 broadband service through my line.

  beeuuem 19:12 04 Dec 2008

You are getting that message because you have o2 BB which is here

  Stuartli 22:03 04 Dec 2008

DACS refers to two telephone subscriber services being provided over one phone line.

  jaraba 10:31 05 Dec 2008

Any idea how I find out if I have that on my line.

  Stuartli 11:02 05 Dec 2008

You'll most likely have to ask BT - it is required to let you know and to take steps to obtain the best possible broadband service for you. See:

click here

  beeuuem 14:14 05 Dec 2008

Normally if you have a DACS line you can't get Broadband which requires a dedicated ( one user) line. As you state that you have O2 BB you aren't on a DACS line but your line is unbundled.
If you are on an unbundled line this uses the ISPs own dedicated eqipment at the exchange. When you run an availability check for another provider it recognises that you are on an unbundled connection and they cannot provide a service while it is connected to the O2 equipment which is why you get the message.

  jaraba 14:54 05 Dec 2008

Thanks to all who replied.
I'm a little bit wiser now than before, I think :-)

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