Phone calls from Microsoft ??

  Winston33 20:57 13 Aug 2012

I am an 83 year old silver surfer with a some knowledge of the inside of acomputer having built three in the past , recently I have been pestered with phone calls from a call centre (you can hear lots of converations in the background) and the man says that Microsoft are recieving messages from my computerand that he can fix the problem If I were to switch on my computer and give him a few minutes of my time , I said are you calling from Microsoft itself ? he said yes so I said which of my machines is giving the problem he then said the oldest one , to which I replied It has not been switch on for over a month as i have been away.he thensaid that that didnot matter s they would get the messages from my computer even if the machine was not switched on, unless I am a complete idiot how could my machine send messages to microsoft when it is not connected to WWW.This sounds like a scam to me.and does Microsoft cold call in this country.

  rdave13 21:33 13 Aug 2012

It's a total scam and Microsoft don't cold call. This type of scamming seems to be on the increase according to the postings here about this scam. Next time tell them you're using Linux and put the phone down.

  wee eddie 23:50 13 Aug 2012

If you do what they ask, you end up downloading Malware and giving your Credit Card details to the nasties!

  HondaMan 14:21 14 Aug 2012

Agree with both the above. Some plain Anglo-Saxon words are called for followed by the noisy slamming down of the receiver or better still a police whistle blown loudly into the mouthpiece!

  tigertop2 17:16 14 Aug 2012

Just tell these crooks and scammers you have to make a charge for dealing with their call and its £50 for the first 2 minutes and £5 per minute therafter. This usually leads to a stunned silence at the other end and they usually don't bother you after that!

  tullie 19:03 14 Aug 2012

Dont bother with any suggestions,just put the phone down.

  interzone55 13:58 15 Aug 2012


I fail to see how potentially damaging the hearing of someone who's just doing their job will help.

Simply putting the phone down is all that's required in these cases...

  compumac 14:38 15 Aug 2012

alan14 Ref Hondaman's posting:-

The person calling you is after your money and/or wishes to infect your PC. If you did damage his hearing then it would prevent that person carrying on with his job of defrauding people. No contest!

  interzone55 14:50 15 Aug 2012


The person calling is working for the scammer, so they're just doing a job to put food on the table, yes it may be illegal or immoral, but it's a job to feed their kids.

  compumac 18:48 15 Aug 2012


"Just" doing a job? Hardly an excuse.

So if I con you out of money because my children need feeding - that is OK?

  wee eddie 20:32 15 Aug 2012


I think that a trip to India, to experience the reality of poverty, is in order.

These people are reading a script that their Employer, the Owner of the Call Centre, has signed up to.

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