Phoenix Rising Web Host - Where have they gone?

  fourjays 23:35 03 Dec 2004

In June 2004, I made a hosting account with Phoenix Rising. It was a 'free 50MB windows hosting' account (with a one of fee for setup [$50], and domain name for 1 year [$20]). The setup and initial usage all went fine. I payed them by Paypal and it all went smoothly.

In September, they announced a server move, so I expected problems with the website. After a week, I started getting CGI errors on anything running php. These would correct within an hour, before doing it again a few hours later. I accepted this as the server move.

In about October, I asked for an account upgrade to their 100Mb free hosting plan (I was close to my limit, with changes I needed to make that would put it over - its amazing how quick 50Mb disappears). This would include more bandwidth, MySql db's, etc. I asked them, and they said to email an address to make the payment. The address I was given was incorrect, so I cancelled the payment, and made a new one to the corrected address. They then put it all through after that, and I got an extra 50Mb on my account, but no other things, like the extra bandwidth. The control panel still said it was on a 50Mb plan.

I emailed them and sent numerous emails via their 'live support' feature that was offline, asking 'what happened to the rest?' basically. I have still had no reply.

The problems are still occuring now with he website - a few months after the 'server move'.

About 3 weeks ago, I tried to add oscommerce to one of my websites on the account. It told me I couldn't do it, because I had no credit left (but oscommerce is free? - and the account is supposed to include these things for free). I tried their live support (supposed to be 24/7), which was offline. I emailed them to via a support address, as well as the 'leave a message' option. Still no-reply. I have tried live support several times during this time, each time it was 'offline' (not particularly live)

Today, I received an email saying that they wanted to charge me $51 per month, for the services on my account. Apparently $50 for the 50Mb extra (it was supposed to be an entire account upgrade for a one of fee - not an extra 50Mb as if I was just increasing my quote by myself in the CP), and $1 for having phpBB activated on my account (another piece of free software?).

I have now tried their offline live support again, emailed them to several different support address' they have, with no-reply. I even tried a phone number on their website. The US operator told me that the number no longer exists.

For a few weeks, I have ut the mess their website was in, and the fact that some (if not most) of the Control Panel options fail to operate, down to the 'server move'. I am starting to wonder if they even exist anymore...

The CP now says it is under maintenance. Will it ever be fixed? The server status told me 3 weeks ago their servers were down, but it still says it now. If I access it another way, everything is running fine?!?!

With no-way of contacting them, what can I do?
Their website, and the MySql features all connect to the 'WorldISPNetwork', and their website is click here if that is of any help.

Please help me, as I am tearing my hair out at the moment, to what I should do.

  fourjays 23:49 03 Dec 2004

Just to add recent developements...

Now all of the php parts of my website will not load.

And one of their data centre pages has disappeared.

What is the most puzzling thing, is that all contact to them seems to have been severed.

  fourjays 00:03 04 Dec 2004

Someone please give me some advice, even at this god forsaken hour.

  fourjays 10:36 04 Dec 2004


  fourjays 10:56 04 Dec 2004

Their 24/7 live support is precisely 0/0 offline support.

Their website is still a mess, and the control panel is still having probs with bits.

No email replies t all yet.


Is there such a thing as a 'web host still exist' checker?

  fourjays 11:21 04 Dec 2004

click here

Shame I didn't find that when I was thinking of using them. :'(

  fourjays 11:55 04 Dec 2004

I am going to cancel my account with them (if I can ever contact them to do so), and switch to another host.

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