frybluff 20:17 09 Jan 2012

Many sites request that if you receive a "dodgy" email, purporting to come from them, you should foreward it to their "spoof" dept. Does anyone know if they actually then do anything? I have received several such emails, claiming to be from HMRM, requesting my details to claim a tax refund!! I have, as requested, forewarded these to HMRC, but have not even had an acknowledgement. And the emails keep coming.

  Woolwell 22:57 09 Jan 2012

A long time ago I did get an acknowledgement from if I remember correctly paypal. But banks, HMRC get inundated with these things and try their best to sort it out but there isn't much they can do but alert people an warn them to be careful. I wouldn't bother reporting it. Did you open it to forward? I wouldn't open them but immediately delete.

  morddwyd 07:52 10 Jan 2012

I report the ones purporting to come from my own bank, at their request, and invariably get a response.

I never report any others.

  Terry Brown 09:11 10 Jan 2012

On 99% of the time the 'Report an email' is just a way to confirm you are a 'Live' address and you will get even more spam.

just Delete.


  frybluff 10:35 10 Jan 2012

I know not to open attachments, or click on links, in emails, unless one is SURE they are genuine, and from a trusted source. Is there any risk attached to READING suspicious emails? Often, without, at least, reading them, it is difficult to judge their validity. My filter is pretty good, but it does occassionly consign genuine emails to "junk", and visa versa.

  morddwyd 19:57 10 Jan 2012

"'Report an email' is just a way to confirm you are a 'Live' address and you will get even more spam."

Are you seriously suggesting that every time I forward a phishing email to my bank they sell my address on to other phishing sites?

You really do have suspicious mind!

  Terry Brown 14:10 11 Jan 2012


I said 99%, not every time, If it is a site you trust(like your bank), then yes - send feedback, however if I am not sure who it is then I delete it.


  interzone55 17:22 11 Jan 2012

I think the HMRC phising email box is just a collection point, and they then just count the emails every now & again to see how active the spammers are.

I wouldn't expect any kind of acknowledgement from them...

  frybluff 10:55 13 Jan 2012

I do wish that sites would at least confirm that a forwarded dodgy email WAS fraudulent. Whilst phising emails are pretty obviously that, and one is usually 99.99% sure they are, one can still be left with a "nagging doubt". A response of "you were right to delete it", can be reassuring. I must have received a dozen such, in the last year, and dutifully reported them. I have only once even received an acknowledgement. If sites ask us to report such emails, they should, at least, be confirming that the contents are "bogus"!!

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