Phillips TV sound

  Housten 12:37 19 Dec 2011

Good morning,

I hope some one can help with what I regard as an annoying problem!

We - my wife and I, that is - bought a Phillips TV by internet almost 5 years ago [ so well out of warranty ], and on the whole it has been good. But at the end of last week the sound of ITV1 suddenly went down, well down. We tried our 'portable' in the bedroom and the sound was OK!. As it is still well down does anyone have any idea as to why only that channel is/should be affected? Do we give it a bit of time or do we have to get an engineer out to have a look at it? Any advice/help/information will be most welcome.

Many thanks in advance.

  BRYNIT 12:51 19 Dec 2011

When was the last time you retuned the channels on your TV?

If its just ITV its likely to be a signal problem your TV may not have found the strongest signal.

Retuning the TV may rectify the problem. Do not just scan for more channels.

  Housten 13:46 19 Dec 2011


Many thanks! We had discussed - and dismissed - that idea as we thought that more than one channel would have shifted. But I will certainly try your solution!!

  SparkyJack 12:41 20 Dec 2011

Certainly retune as discussed. Also aerial- moy have moved[drooped] out of line by a fraction. I occasionally get block drop outs and other funnies from a clutch of Free View channels whilst all others are OK.

Fortunately the Aerial is in the loft so it is only a moments job to go there a give it a little poke. Anoyj thing to check is all the Co-Ax coontactors - a twist may be all thats needed- or pull out and re connect.

  Housten 16:14 20 Dec 2011


Did a re-tune and then mucked up most of the rest of our terrestial channels as well!! So retuned all of them and now not only do we have the sound back to 'normal' on ITV BUT we now have stereo on most of the other channels as well!! Brilliant!!

Many, many thanks for your help and suggestions!

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