Philips TV screen saver?

  muddypaws 10:10 11 Dec 2011

I have a Philips 32PFL5405H/05. I have been through the user manuals and am unable to find a screen saver option to use when playing a load of mp3 files to avoid any possible screen burn from the album cover display. I can use the 'Home' button to bring up the home screen and could also use the 'Scenea' option for a photo. I am looking for a 'floater' type effect. Wondered if anyone has found anything.


  NORFOLK SPARKY 16:10 11 Dec 2011

Do you need a screen saver. I thought that was only needed with CRT TV not with new LCD or plasma

  muddypaws 20:34 11 Dec 2011

NORFOLK SPARKY You may be right. Will Google it.

  muddypaws 20:39 11 Dec 2011

Found this, although thread was started in 2006. screen burn

  Woolwell 11:20 12 Dec 2011

It's image persistence in an LCD TV that you have to watch out for LCD TV's. However I think that the chances of it being permanent are low. What does the manual state about leaving it on a static image?

  muddypaws 12:53 12 Dec 2011

Woolwell The online manual doesn't mention it strangely. I think I will occasionally switch to the menu screen that is basically dark grey or black. I posted as I have loaded about 2-3 hours of Xmas music onto a usb and I was concerned about the bright mp3 logo in the centre of the screen.

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