Philips mp3 player battery replacement?

  keef66 13:32 03 Feb 2006

Son's HDD070 mini jukebox apparently started doing odd things before Christmas (but he didn't tell us). Now it's as dead as a dodo and I suspect that the rechargeable battery has packed up. Philips want £100 to repair it since the 12 month warranty has just expired. IT ONLY COST £130 NEW!!!
Anyone know if this can be done DIY and if so, what battery is needed??

  pj123 16:58 03 Feb 2006

According to this site it says it has a Rechargeable Lithium Battery.

So take the battery out and see what the number is and post it back.

click here

  keef66 17:10 07 Feb 2006

OK, bit the bullet and took it to bits. Easier than an Ipod since it involves tiny but visible screws. The battery appears to be the same as those for the 3rd generation Ipod. Ebay allowed me to find several for £8 incl postage, one of which I have ordered. (It's actually a bit higher capacity than the original) I'll let you know if it works.
Philips' £100 charge is even more outrageous when you consider a new HDD070 now costs just £110 from Argos

  keef66 11:06 09 Feb 2006

battery arrived in 48 hrs. Connector not a good fit so soldered on the old one instead. Very thin wires, but do-able.
It's now charging happily, which it wouldn't before, so I'm assuming it's fixed.
Feeling very smug having saved about £100 vs the cost of a replacement or a Philips repair

  rmcqua 11:23 09 Feb 2006

Yes,so you should.
That was a real rip-off price that Philips quoted you for repair!

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