Philips 17 in LCD for under £300 inc VAT

  SloJo 14:10 04 Sep 2003

See click here

The price is far less than competitors.

Is anyone familiar with the company or the monitor?

Any advice gratefully received.


  -pops- 14:48 04 Sep 2003

Philips are one of the most respected electronics companies an have been responsible, either alone or in co-operation with firms like Sony, in developing many of items that we now consider household objects including the Compact Disc, cassette tape recorders, portable cassettte tape recorders (Walkman) and lots, lots more.

I'm not familiar with the item you are enquiring about but with a pedigree such as it has, it should be OK.

  SloJo 15:02 04 Sep 2003


Thanks for your comments.

Just to clarify, I am looking for anyone who has dealt with the retailer,, rather than the manufacturer, Philips, with whose products and reputation I think we are all familiar.


  BrianW 15:05 04 Sep 2003

I've got the 170B2m lcd and it is very good. Mind you, mine cost me £499 when I bought it.

It has a slow transistor switch rate (40ms or there abouts) but, unless you are supercritical re games use you should find it OK. I use mine mainly for graphics and photo manipulation with a bit of flight sim / "shoot em" up and it does everything that I want. No noticeable ghosting with DVD film playback either.

So, an older but perfectly useable TFT for a good price, in my view.

  accord 15:38 04 Sep 2003

just phoned them up and there is nothing dodgy about this offer. You get the standard 1 year warranty from Philips then your on your own. They have been trading for about 20 years so im told by the girl i spoke to and are a lrge organisation.

give them a ring on 0870 516 8671 and go to option 1 to talk to someone in customer services.

if i needed a new TFT i'd seriously think about this one.

  Djohn 16:11 04 Sep 2003

click here and you will see favourble reports on them in the forum going back two years. j.

  Djohn 16:17 04 Sep 2003

Sending you back to your own thread there! :o try this link, also if you put microwarehouse in the search box, you will find comments going back for two years.

(click here

  rickf 21:18 04 Sep 2003

From my experience of Philips products I can fully recommend it. I bought their first generation DVD RW, over a year ago and it still goes extremely well. Never had any probs with it.

  pcmuncher 22:06 07 Sep 2003

I used to work for a company that dealt with Philips - what a pain returning anything!

I already posted on here about the sharp TFT this is about £280+ and it is wicked... I makes me use the PC more so it might get you in trouble with you other half and pub mates. Please compare the luminosity and the warranty click here for details on my latest toy.

Happy shopping

  dotterel 23:04 10 Sep 2003

You might also consider the Plilips 170B$MG. The cheapest price I've managed to find (after trawling the internet for two hours) is £340 at Dixon's. Yes, honestly! It has a pivot function, built in speakers and a very clear, crisp display.

  dotterel 23:06 10 Sep 2003

Oops! the $ should be a 4!

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