A penny?

  dan11 21:05 04 Feb 2005

4 triple a batteries for a 1p.

click here

post and packaging £2.95???? lol

  HappySoul 21:10 04 Feb 2005

One @ 1p three @ 75p + P&P, only last 60% of D***cell.

Good Deal? Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  Stuartli 16:08 05 Feb 2005

Sony C and D batteries (two battery pack) and four AA or AAA battery packs are 59p each at our local B and M Store - occasionally Panasonic is substituted for Sony. A Sony AA pack of eight batteries is 99p

The cheapo brand AA or AAA batteries are in packs of 20 or 30, also at 99p - don't last all that long but useful standby for wireless keyboard and mouse sets.

Even better, for those who have a variety of quartz watches, is a pack of 36 watch batteries (six each of the four most common types) at 99p. They last about a year in each of my three watches.

  freaky 18:27 05 Feb 2005

Battery powered watches are getting a bit old fashioned now.

You should change to either Citizen or Casio Solar Powered, fantastic timekeeping!

  Modo 18:45 05 Feb 2005

Watches themselves are a legacy product.

Don't we all carry enough items around with us that tell the time.

In the house even the microwave thinks it is a clock! In my small office I have got no less than 6 things showing me the time - including the computer. None of them is a clock or a watch.

  Taran 19:43 05 Feb 2005

If watches are a legacy product expect this chap to continue with his old fashioned timepieces for a very long time to come (no pun intended).

I like a good watch and the thought of being without one is not something I'd like to seriously consider.

Just as I forego the supposed wonders of a palm type PC in favour of my diary, filofax and a beautiful Visconti fountain pen bought for me by my wife, I like a good wristwatch and sometimes even a vintage pocket watch.

They offer something far more than a computer or even microwave...

  oresome 20:50 05 Feb 2005

The trouble with all these timepieces is they are never quite synchronised. Despite having several, I'm never sure what time it really is. Even the BBC pips can't be relied upon, depending upon the mode of transmission.

  Forum Editor 00:27 06 Feb 2005

The quality and elegance of a watch is far more important than very precise timekeeping - I would hate to lead the kind of life in which a couple of minutes one way or the other were so important. I have several watches, and although a couple of them are fairly decent I usually wear one of the imitation Rolex watches that I buy for about £7 in Hong Kong markets; they keep perfectly good time, and one of them has been running for nearly three years on the same battery.

My working life is computing - I travel with a laptop and a Filofax, and if I had to lose one of them it would be the laptop every time. I have yet to see a PDA that could remotely compare with my Filofax for efficiency and sheer ease of use.

  wiz-king 08:59 06 Feb 2005

I dont carry my laptop to work, have a mobile phone or even have a pc in the lab - loverly peace and quiet. We are not allowed anything battery operated in the lab and I dont think that anyone does a compressed air operated phone or pc yet. But I can use my watch because it is windup - hand powered - so is my typewriter and calculator. Who needs batteries - I need my hand powered things.

  Stuartli 09:05 06 Feb 2005

>>Solar-Powered, fantastic timekeeping!>>

Either you get the right time, all the time, or you don't.

My "workaday" watch is a £2.99 "titanium" offering from Lidl - it's never been altered once since I bought it about a year ago.

The same time accuracy goes for an automatic day/date Seiko acquired in the Middle East in 1971 for the princely sum of £17.50; it's never even had the back off yet for a cleaning session.

It might surprise you to know that both the cheapest and the most expensive watches use pretty much the same quartz movement - the price you pay depends almost entirely on the quality of the engineering of the product.

It's the same for computer systems - the higher the quality of the components, CPU, motherboard etc the more expensive it is to acquire.

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