John Ross 21:13 21 Jan 2005

My Psion 5 has finally died.
I am looking to replace. Any suggestions as to what is best?
Priorities are :
1. long battery life
2. simplicity
3. synchronisation with PC in Outlook, Word.
4. Input avaiabale other than Graffitti (maybe I am being narrow moindfed about this?
5. Portability

I will likely buy an ultraprtable PC at soem poin tso don't want anything supercomplicated, and I suspect I prefer a separate phone, unless persuaded otherwise!
Any votes for Tungsten, or maybe a discontinued discounted Clie?
cheapest place to buy?


  GibsonSt19 01:14 22 Jan 2005

If so, this will probably give us a basis to make recommendations on.


  Kate B 13:25 22 Jan 2005

If you want really easy synchronisation with Outlook, stick with a Pocket PC such as an iPaq or a Dell Axim: syncing a Palm-based machine with Outlook requires a third-party plug-in.

Most Palms ship with Intellisync but I prefer Chapura Pocket Mirror to provide that link between the Palm and Outlook.

Expansys.co.uk still has Clies: they are nice machines but there were lots of models so have a careful look at what you want.

  John Ross 15:12 22 Jan 2005

I am not too fussed how much i spend : more important to get just the right thing.
however, I am not going to benefit from inbuilt cameras, colour screen, Bluetooth, advanced computing functions etc as I would use devices that would dop a proper job, such as an ultraportabel, digital camera etc.
I really want something that does all the Psion did, and anything more might be nice but not essential.
I commute 20 miles a day by bike so it needs to be robust, and I am sued to a battery life of >2 weeks with the Psion, so anything less than a week is going to seem a nuisance.

Were there Clies that are better than the Tungsten T5? If so, would a clie be a good idea and any suggesion which model?

  Sir Radfordin 16:41 22 Jan 2005

I love the simplicity of the Palms and the Tungsten T5 is very nice. You may however find it limiting after being used to something different. Once you have chosen the right options at install syncing with Outlook really is a touch of the button job.

The Sony Clie always looked a bit big, as do the iPaqs but that could be a myth. Expansys.co.uk is likely to offer you the best price.

  HXP 00:04 23 Jan 2005


I had a series 5 and replaced it with a Zaurus 5500 which was a brilliant machine ( ran linux ) but had a running time of just over an hour on batteries.

Replaced that with an iPAQ 2210 which is very good battery life 5 > depending on how you use it.

Word & Excel and syncs brilliantly with MS outlook & contacts. Colour hi res screen, very fast processor Sd & CF slots ( you can still get them at expansys.com).

Bit like yourself I just wanted a straghtforward PDa and was never going to use the advanced features ... until i realised it could work as a GPS navigation system in the car. All the other things I was never going to use - plays video's , MP3's, shows my digital photo's etc I now use constantly.

Handwriting recognition.

The only major downside is no Keyboard that was a major ++ of the series 5 - but sync it to your desktop or buy optional keyboard and it is very good.

Lots of free software

click here
click here

The Psion was very good but this is so much better .....

and it plays games !!


  ton 17:24 23 Jan 2005

I also have 2210 and it is excellent.
I like the fact that it has two card slots (CF & SD).

It also has a removeable battery so you could have a spare.

  accord 22:22 23 Jan 2005

I too used to have a Psion 5mx until the screen hinge broke, i upgraded to a Toshiba and recently upgraded that to an iPaq 4150 which is superb and im sure other people on here or other forums will agree with me on that.

Still selling on various websites for around the £275 mark. It also won the PDA of the year in PDA Essentials mag late last year.

click here click here click here

  John Ross 22:22 23 Jan 2005

Thanks for everyone's advice.
I looked at the HPs today. The one you mention seems out of production.
the 4700 looked great, but big & heavy and v expensive.
Like people have suggested, once you put the machines in your hand it is much easier which is the one to suit. So I bought a Tungsten T5, partly helped by another £40 coming off the price since last week.

I only hope the ultraportable PCs get a little smaller, so they will fit in my bike bumbag, for those days when we need something a bit more poweful than a Palm.

  accord 22:29 23 Jan 2005

Good choice for a non Pocket PC o/s. Enjoy

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