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  Stormpool 10:25 17 May 2004

I've mentioned this before.. but just so you understand what's gone on..

Laptop purchased November 03, Problems appearing afte 3 weeks of owning laptop - with CDROM, Keyboard, TouchPad and Finally Screen, Wasn't fully rectified until March 03. With two return to bases, and not without them wasting a week by cancelling a collection by mistake.

Come December 04 the laptop fails again.. in a big way. Seems to be a mainboard problem as it won't post, discharged etc (I am a support tech).
Trading standards made them repair it.. so sometime in Jan they had the Laptop collected from me for repair. 1 month down the line I get a call to tell me it was the battery... quite embarassed by this really, I couldn't see why it was, and I understand it's a consumable. OK, so they'll get it returned.

A few weeks later, where is it? .. well they've decided there's a mainboard fault and the cdrom drive needs replacing.. so it was over 2 months before I got it back, and when I did there remains a h/w fault with the system locking up constantly!

I may be unlucky, they may be incompetant?

But just so you know, I'd never buy another packard bell :o)

  spuds 11:02 17 May 2004

Seeing that you state November 03, which is only 6 months ago. I cannot understand why you are not claiming under the 'not fit for the purpose' clause in the Sales of Goods Act. When the trading standards became involved, did they not suggest this route, instead of 'making' PCWorld repair it.

With the faults and problems that you state you have had with the laptop,and which I assume are recorded by PCW, then I would be seeking a replacement machine.

  Stormpool 11:28 17 May 2004

Ah, my mistake is was November 02, as you can see.. i mentioned Dec 04!.. And also know that you get just a 1 year warranty on these systems. So I had to take the trading standard route in dec 2003! To say that reasonable items should last reasonable amount of time.. (I guess..)

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