PCWorld and returns

  CooksterC 13:03 21 Oct 2004

I received a flash mp3 player as a gift from my work colleagues on leaving them for a new role.

Unfortunately, I already have a similar device, and thought I would get credit at my local PCWorld store, as I had the original receipt.

I was told by the staff at the store, that the value of the item would have to be credited back to the credit card that bought the item, and I could not take store credit. The said that if I was given a credit note, this amounted to fraud, as I am not the original purchaser.

Is this true? Surely, if you receive an unwanted gift, you should be able to exchange it for vouchers or similar credit. I have done this in the past, what has changed?

I can see their logic in that.

They would probably look at the situation like this.

It could be that a gift like that was brought by someone and they could have put the recipet in the bag. Put the bag down and someone walk off with it thus it is stolen.

If someone paid by credit card, then they can say you didnt pay for it simple and the only person with a right to refund it is the one that purchased it. If done by cash then you can argue could argue you brought it.

It is really to protect them a bit more.

I know just after christmas most companies do refund things without reciepts. They do the refund or voucher's really as a thing of good will really.

But if you have one surely what you could do is give the old one away to a mate or sell it and keep the newer one? or if the new one is poorer specification give it away as a christmas prezzie, or sell it to a mate and make some cash off it.

But all they are doing is protecting themselves

  Dorsai 18:51 21 Oct 2004

I can understand PC world's stance.

I find/steal a card, go buy somthing, give it & the reciept to friend (or pretend to be someone else), go into shop and get cash refund.

Same policy where i work, Buy on a card, refund HAS to go to the same card, or no refund.

It is not just to protect the shop, but to protect the credit card co from fraud. And who ultimatly pays for fraud?

We the customer do, in increased prices, as the shops try to recoup their losses. Or in higher interest rates, as the card company tries to recoup.

  CooksterC 19:42 21 Oct 2004

I can understand their point, and agree, just a little upset that I have to go back to my colleagues and ask for them to return it, and give me the cash. Why is what I have asked for any different that refunds after xmas ?

Thanks for the advice.

  wee eddie 20:39 21 Oct 2004

Ungrateful wretch:

If I were you I'd think carefully as to how your mates would feel. Personally I would not wish to work with someone with so little social savvy.

Then stick it in the drawer and give it to someone for christmas.

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