PCWorld - HP7762 at a Bargain Price

  GibsonSt19 11:33 26 Dec 2003

Today (Boxing Day), PC World kindly sold me a nice shiny HP7762 for 99 squids instead of the usual 199.00 squids (as currently [priced in most other retailers. They also has on offer the Epson R300 for 129 which was a pretty good price.

Anyways, hope you're all having a great time.

You may want to pop to PC World :)

Or if if you're after a 32inch Widescreen Panasonic TV with DVD player, you can pick this up at Currys for 499 squiddles.

  bremner 17:16 26 Dec 2003

Thanks for the tip.

Went to my local in Croydon. On the display it was priced at £199.99, no mention anywhere that it was available for £99.99.

Found an assistant who had no idea, he went and checked on the computer and yes it is £99.99.

Bought one and well impressed.

  GibsonSt19 09:06 27 Dec 2003


  Al94 14:40 27 Dec 2003

I went hotfoot today 27th to local PC World, it was a Boxing Day sale only, back up to £199.99 today --- darn!!!!!

  igk 15:08 27 Dec 2003

I hope you folks checked how much the replacement ink carts are? that's where the con lies!!

  GibsonSt19 15:10 27 Dec 2003

On 26th it was listed as being £199.99, and I even asked one of the reps ans he said yeah it's 199.99. I then went back to the printer and nex to it was a little prinout to confirm it was actually 99 squids. I would ask them to check their systems!

  GibsonSt19 15:11 27 Dec 2003

For the first warranty year I'm happy to pay, but then I'll use a loval refiller.

  Al94 15:41 27 Dec 2003

Yes I did ask them to check it twice and they insist it was on a one day sale and not seven days like other items. Maybe it will be on offer again New Years's day.

  spuds 20:43 27 Dec 2003

Yes it was a one [Boxing]day sale on some items. A friend bought a computer system with accessories. Saved £300.And the assistant even gave him a Dummies Guide for free.

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