PCW supplied wrong laptop

  ventanas 11:01 03 Mar 2008

A short while ago I reserved from the PC World website, for pickup from the nearest store, one of their Toshiba laptops. I collected the machine about one hour later and it's been fine ever since.
But it was only yesterday that I realised that the model I was given and brought home is not the one I reserved.
On again checking their web site the model I have has a considerably higher spec and costs about £90 more than the one I reserved.

Fine, their fault, just don't say anything. But the receipt I have states the model originally reserved, and so does the document for the additional warranty I took out.

As it's now more than a week, and the machine is now heavily personalised, and has data on it that should not be revealed to others, there is no way I am willing to return it, but I am concerned about my warranty.

Does anyone have any suggestions please.
I am thinking of writing to them setting out what has happened and asking for their confirmation that they will honour the warranty as the supply of the incorrect laptop was entirely their fault, and making no mention relating to exchange of any sort. If I did have to return it, the only way they would get it back is minus the hard drive.

  Dizzy Bob 11:24 03 Mar 2008

If the laptops were of the same series, return the laptop, and ask for the hard drive to be swapped for the one in the 'correct' machine.

If they are the same series ie P200, A100 etc there should be no problem with drivers etc.

I assume that if the machine supplied was lower spec than the one you ordered you would have no problem with returning it for the correct one?



  K_elt 11:27 03 Mar 2008

Get in contact with PCW, explain what's happened and see what they say. It may be you have been given an equivalent if the original wasn't available, although if it's purely an error on their part they may be prepared to waive/negotiate the additional cost and update the warranty details.


  ventanas 11:30 03 Mar 2008

No, although they look identical, they are from two different series, so a swap of hdd's would not be practical, and with PCW's track record of selling on returned items without wiping them, they are not getting this disc back.
It would have been difficult to get a spec lower than that which I ordered.

  ventanas 11:33 03 Mar 2008

That's what I'm thinking of doing in the hope that it would just be too much trouble for them. It did cross my mind that the supply of this machine may be deliberate for the reason you give, but I would have thought they would have mentioned it. Sort of "We don't have the one you wanted, but you can have this for the same price."

  belfman 11:35 03 Mar 2008

You know what they say about assumptions!

ventanas can you not get them to refund the model you "bought" and then make a purchase for the laptop you have?

  wee eddie 12:28 03 Mar 2008

the Additional Warranty. One course of action would be to just cancel it and take out an Insurance Policy with another Company.

I think that I would ring them and ask them what to do. Tell them that there are differences in the paperwork that mystify you. Although there may have been no good reason for giving you the more expensive model I can't imagine that it was anything other than a mistake. They may be prepared to accept the "fait accompli" and just change the paperwork ~ which would be the cheaper option for them.

  ventanas 14:11 03 Mar 2008

That's what I'm hoping for. I'll contact them in the next few days and sort something out. Will tick this now.

  CHarker 20:00 05 Mar 2008

If you're worried about data security, why don't you do a full format and use the recovery disk to reinstall Vista/XP? Most people who buy via PC World aren't going to know much about data recovery.

You could even investigate means over over-writing the disk to trash any data and make it unrecoverable before recovery disk is used.

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