Grantk 13:50 17 Nov 2008

Some time ago, just after the warranty on my Medion Computer ranout I was contacted by a company called PcsystmFix who offered a Warranty service for a fee of £7.50 per month or £75 per annum if paid by direct debit. I subscribed to the service and set up a direwct debit. I received a welcome email telling me how I could contact the company. Now some moths later I need to call on their services and cannot get hold of anyone at the numbers given. PcsystmFix have a very professional looking web site. The only problem is that they cannot be contacted. If the Tech Support number is telephone a Vodaphone answering service takes the call and no one ever gets back to you. Has anyone else signed up with this company?

  MAJ 14:22 17 Nov 2008

You say YOU were contacted by THEM, GranK. That would make me think that whoever you bought the PC from has passed on your info to them. That might be a place to start.

  MAJ 14:26 17 Nov 2008

This doesn't tell a lot but it might help. click here

Also there seems to have been a few resignations in the company's history. click here

  Grantk 14:36 17 Nov 2008

Thanks, That was the impression I got when they contacted me. I looked their web site before accepting the offer.It looked above board. I actually managed to speak to "Christine" about two weeks ago. She apologised and said that they had been having telephone problems but promised to get someone to phone be mack, needless to say they never did. I phoned again today and the answering service took the call. I've done a Google search on all the variations of their name and can get no hits. It looks like a scam. But, I'd be interested to hear from anyone who has had dealings with them.
Medion have no knowledge of the company.

  Grantk 14:39 17 Nov 2008

Hi MAJ, Thanks I've just looked at the link you sent me. It seems even more likely that it is a scam. No accounts filed, etc. But I can't believe that I'm the only one that has been taken in by them.

  spaceman600 09:56 17 Dec 2008

Hi Grantk, unfortently, you were caught in a scam. Let me explain, I worked 8 months in a company called repairline, repairline made pcsystmfix as a seperate brand, you only have to google repairline limited to understand why mr carl hill (the manager of pcsystm and repairline) had made this new brand, there reputation was shocking, his business, where it be repairline or pcsystemfix contained the same staff, at least in the UK, which consisted of about 10-15 engineers around the UK which were contracted by him to do work, he would send the parts down by parceline in a blue box, then they would go round repairing, these engineers were mostly unqualified and unexperienced to be doing such a task, but they would soon learn how to bodge there way through there jobs, i'm not saying they were all bad, just most. anyway, pcsystmfix ran on the same principles, you would of been called by one of the several call staff that were sat in the castleford office meters way from me, they had obtained contact details from somewhere, maybe from a computer warranty company you had been with before, anyway, i believe carls intentions were at first good, and he wanted a new fresh start, but with repairline going bust, loosing the mesh and pcnextday contractors that he had been doing for donkeys years he was left in abit of a muddle, i think at this point pcsystmfix was made history, at least it was in the UK. I believe carl is probaly in spain right now, living the scam man high life, sorry for your misfutune, i hope this little tail has informed you, and for the record, i did all i could to help repairlines customers, and im very sorry for the money they have robbed off you.

  clapt 18:44 06 Jan 2009

Check your bank account you will find you never made a single payment no money was ever taken by direct debit and you have not been scammed out of any money.

  spuds 12:58 07 Jan 2009

It looks like you have an answer as far as companies house records show. Both companies have gone into liquidations.

You could now check your bank statements regarding any direct debit payments, and when or if any payments were made. That would then perhaps resolve the issue, unless you wanted to contact the appointed liquidator's for further information.

  Grantk 14:33 08 Jan 2009

Hi clapt.

How are you so sure no payment was ever taken. Are you connected with pcsystmfix?

  Cyrez 02:39 10 May 2009

Hey all! sad to hear about your concerns, i worked with Repairline from year 2005-2006 left the company and rejoined them again in 2007. I stuck with them for a while and them being based in West Yorkshire I was covering the South Wales area. Hell i was even going as far as scotland. The company was starting to slowly go down hill sad but true, and they were having massive communication issues with Mesh computers.

I know alot more than i bargained for, anyhow in the end they got rid of at least 60 odd engineers! and kept back only 5 engineers and in i was one of them. Sadly the majority of the people that worked with repairline didnt give a damn about how they were handling customers, their compaints or problems. Theres a lot to rag on about regarding repairline, from parts being sent to customers of which were faulty, to poor staff. In the end they changed their company name from Repairline LTD to PcSystmFix simply because they were in the process of loosing the business and being a LTD company! they can re open time and time again without taking any hits from creditors or affecting their new business.

Anyway most of you from Wales will probably remember me! Jason AKA Keiran, and even though the company is bankrupt im still helping some of their customers today!

Give me a call if you wish. [email protected]

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