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  Murielson 1 13:41 13 Jul 2006

Not a gamer but trying to get a good spec and a bit of future proofing - no monitor required. Mainly home and office type applications

Thoughts on the spec below at £611 with VAT and delivery would be appreciated please:

CPU - INTEL® PENTIUM® D 940 (2 X 3.2GHZ) 800mhz FSB/2 x 2MB Cache
Memory - 1024 MB Corsair DDR400 PC3200 - Lifetime Warranty!
Motherboard - High End ASUS® Motherboard With Dual DDR, 3 PCI Etc.
USB Options - 6 x USB 2.0 PORTS (4 REAR+ 2 FRONT)
Hard Drive - SATA 250 GB HDISK @ 7200rpm 8mb cache
DVD ROM/Combi Drive - 52 X 32 X 52 CD Writer + 16X DVD ROM (Combi Drive)
CD/DVD Writer - 16x +/- DVD Writer (8x +/- Dual Lyr) (5x DVD-RAM) (40x CD-RW) (£23)
Graphics Card 1 - Integ SIS Real 256E Graphics
Sound Card - High End Onboard 6 Channel Sound
Modem - 56k Modem
Network Facilities - Onboard LAN & Wireless 54G Network Card (£12)
Floppy Drive/Card Reader - Internal 7 In 1 Card Reader With 1.44MB Floppy Disk Drive
Case - Stylish Silver/Black Sigma case + 2 front USB
Power Supply & Cooling - Super Quiet 600W PSU + 120mm internal Fan (£18)
Operating System required - Microsoft® Windows® XP HOME (inc. Genuine CD & licence
Firewire & Video Editing - 3 Port Firewire Card.
Keyboard - Logitech® Cordless Internet Pro Desktop Keyboard + Mouse (Black) (£17)
Warranty - 1 Year Return-to-Base Warranty + 1 Year Free Collect & Return: £5

  SG Atlantis® 14:10 13 Jul 2006

graphics suck.

  Diodorus Siculus 14:42 13 Jul 2006

Seems a little overkill for what you want to be honest. The processor is good but you could save a hundred pounds or so and notice no loss in performance.

As long as you have the option of adding a PCI-E graphics card in the future, it will be pretty good.

Do you know what the motherboard is?

  Murielson 1 22:41 13 Jul 2006

Graphics Card: When choosing a graphics card, don't just go for one with a large amount of memory. Besides memory, graphics cards also have a GPU (Graphics Processing Unit), and the better the GPU, the better performance you will get from your graphics card. Search Google and read reviews or call us to get information on what will be the best graphics card for your needs. At the moment we recommend the Radeon X700 for value yet brilliant performance.

Every graphics card we sell will give you great performance. The reasons for choosing a more advanced/expensive graphics card would be for advanced gaming, advanced video/photo editing etc. For general home/office use like word processing, internet and listening to music our default graphics card is more than enough. The better graphics card you buy, the better your computer will play games.

Motherboard plus other info via the link below:

click here

  De Marcus™ 22:46 13 Jul 2006

If you represent pcspecialist, you should do so in a formal manner, contact the fe click here

  De Marcus™ 22:51 13 Jul 2006

'you should do so in a formal manner'

Sorry, that's just my opinion, pcspecialist are held in high regard on this forum, you should prod a director for an official presence on the forum, it helps when a company shows it cares about it's customers.

  SG Atlantis® 23:10 13 Jul 2006

Integ SIS Real 256E Graphics

Integrated graphics is not enough. I don't care what you say, it will feel the pinch with any newer software, other than word processing, video or games. It also takes away some of the system memory.

A system with 256mb integrated graphics and 1gb RAM, it will only have 768mb for the system and the rest will go to graphics.

In todays world you need an independant card!

I agree with Dio-Sic's take on the matter, the CPU is overkill.

Maybe an AMD ATHLON 64 3700 OR 4000 would be more than adequate and give great performance with something like a nvidia 128mb 6600.

  Murielson 1 23:40 13 Jul 2006

'If you represent pcspecialist, you should do so in a formal manner, contact the fe click here'

Guess if I did I would!!

Just a member who is trying to get some advice about buying a computer system. My apologies if that isn't part of what this site is about but I have looked at previous posts, taken on board what you guys have posted in other threads and then asked what I thought was a reasonable question.

Thanks for others who have posted constructive comments that I have been trying to use to adapt to a cost effective system that meets my requirements - info much appreciated

De Marcus - I assume you checked my other posts to confirm that I look as if I represent a computer company? If you had you would certainly have realised I am but a novice!!

  De Marcus™ 23:46 13 Jul 2006

Well murielson 1, despite what you might think, I don't go post hunting ;-)

When you posted, it was in the context of a 'first person' so I thought it reasonable to assumed you had written it.

I've obviously not realised you wrote the first post and I'll apologise for that.

  Murielson 1 23:57 13 Jul 2006

CPU - AMD® ATHLON® 64BIT 3700 (San Diego) 1MB (Special Offer)
Graphics Card 1 - 128MB RADEON X300-SE (HM) PCI Express + DVI + TV-OUT

Version of the above but taking into account recommendations still comes in at £630 inc VAT and Delivery. From your comments above I thought the cost would have been going down with the alternate AMD Athlon CPU.

  Murielson 1 00:04 14 Jul 2006

De Marcus - no problems.

Just trying to get a system that meets my requirements and trying to get the assistance and experience of this site so that I don't make any expensive mistakes.

I would hope my questions above may help others in my situation make up their minds and also allow people like me, who are relatively new to the site, to carry out a search on suppliers etc and get some hits on useful info.

For info I have also looked at Dell, PCW, Powerc, Golden Electronics and others following comments found on this site.

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