pcnext day doesnt accept returns?

  dj1ford 11:44 11 Dec 2005

i bought a 200gig sata drive from pcnextday.co.uk to find after about 6 months my hard drive crashed and would not re-format rendering it completely useless. i have returned it once already and they sent it back, again i could not format the drive, to make sure it was not my pc cuasing the problem i took the hdd round to a friends and tried it on his pc yet again it failed to format and now pcnextday are ignoring my emails, this tells me that they are ill equiped to deal with returns,,, my advise is stay away!!

  Diodorus Siculus 11:54 11 Dec 2005

Speak to your credit card issuer - they too have a duty to you.

  spuds 12:12 11 Dec 2005

The supplier as a legal right under consumer law to provide a service for faulty goods click here click here Send them another email with a follow-up letter, pointing out this fact to them, suggesting that you will be contacting trading standards, if they do not provide, what is expected from them.

  Mr Beeline 23:34 11 Dec 2005


I've dealt with PCnext day before and found them on the whole not too bad. Not like that helps you but...

Don't know what make the drive is, but most manufacturers have a diagnostic program that you can download to create a bootable floppy / CD which can then be used to test your HD independent of Windows (IE. don't need to boot PC). I know that certain HD manufacturers try and insist that you try this before they will issue an RMA (IE. can be easier to return a HD to the manufacturer sometimes, rather than the retailer). For example, Hitachi (formally IBM drives) they have Drive Fitness Test.

Good luck...

  dj1ford 21:38 13 Dec 2005

thanks i have been in touch with maxtor direct and they have advised me to do just that.. now i just need to buy a floppy drive as i built my own pc and thought i would never need one...... you know what thought did,,, got that one wrong. :)

  MichelleC 12:52 14 Dec 2005

I had a similar problem and had to give the deep hassle:

click here

  bjh 18:50 14 Dec 2005

Maxtor's diagnostic will run under windows, or from a bootable CD instead - so no need to buy a floppy. I'll get back with the details in a mo - but just sopping you running out & buying one....

Actually easier to find than I thought

click here

will bring up the Diamondmax 10 support. Download Powermax ISO CD image, make a CD, and boot from that!

Though I'm a fan of Maxtoe drives, their SATA drives with NCQ (those with 16MB buffer) are showing quite a few incompatabilities with nVidia nForce motherboards.

So, try that before you buy a floppy. NOte that there is also a "maxblast for Windows" on the same page (under utilities). Floppy drives are rarely needed now: I don't think you made a mistake not fitting one!!

Best luck

  bjh 18:53 14 Dec 2005

Mmm.... spelling ....

I will read and edit before I post
I will read and edit before I post
I will read and edit before I post
I will read and edit................

  Mr Beeline 23:10 17 Dec 2005

Call me old fashioned but I still think the floppy drive is handy. Why stick a 10k program on a 700MB floppy. xxx

  Mr Beeline 23:18 17 Dec 2005

or should that be "700MB CD".

I will not post after half a bottle of scotch
I will not post after half a bottle of scotch(hic)....

Though as per bjh's comment re- Maxtor drives... this is what swung me to Hitachi when the time came for a bigger / newer drive.

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