PCI Express and other new technology

  Chris12345 21:09 10 Aug 2004

I've been looking into buying a new PC for some time and am now ready to hand over my money. However after reading some recent articles about new technology, e.g. PCI express, that PCs will soon come equipped with, is it worth waiting? How long will it be before current PC architecture is out of date and when will all this new technology be available at reasonable prices?

Thanks again.

  Chris12345 21:20 10 Aug 2004

Also, when will 64 bit computers be widley available with the new technology?

  carver 21:37 10 Aug 2004

It all depends on what you want from your p/c, are you into games, video editing etc. If you do and can wait several months then it should be worth it. The biggest problem at the moment is that the benefits of PCI express will not be felt for least another 6- 8 months.

But if you buy a p/c that is equipped for PCI express then you have a head start and if you want to upgrade a graphics card you can.

All the articles I have read, every one suggests that performance levels should leave the 'old' AGP cards lagging well behind.

  ste_bla 02:37 12 Aug 2004

There is always new technology coming out such as pci-e just out then faster ram, faster cpus, faster hard drives (eg 300-600mps sata drives)

In my opinion there is no point in buying a 64bit system just because its 64bit as 32's will be around for years and when retail 64bit o/s cpu will be faster/dual cores? even quad cores who knows!

Basically try and make current pc last as long as possible then upgrade!

Also im just getting a new PC and with an 'old/slow' graphics card 9800pro (only £145) you can play pretty much any game so dont go for pci-e unless your a extreme gamer..

But then thats just my opinion

  Urotsukidoji 10:22 12 Aug 2004

if its for games, hold fire till the higher end gfx cards come out - esp SLI Nvidia cards coming soon.

leave it until after xmas when the prices **should** come down a bit, and 64bit processing becomes more of the norm.

of course its your choice

  €dstowe 12:59 12 Aug 2004

You'll have to draw the line somewhere in your wanting the latest in technology as it's coming along constantly.

Each time you wait for the latest development to be available, there will be something else on the horizon to tempt you and you will never have a new machine.

Many of the developments nowadays are of academic interest only for most of us and make little if any noticable improvements in general day to day computing.

Buy the best machine you can afford now and enjoy it.

  Not a Scooby 13:15 12 Aug 2004

I agree with the above. If you are happy to buy now and keep it for 2-3 years, given some upgrades as you go, buy what you can afford now.

PCI-e will only come in slowly and 64bit will take time to get going. Until then it will all be too expensive and with no real benefit to you. Current technology will still be with us and relevant for years.

Buy now, upgrade as you go if need be, and buy 64 bit PCI-e in 2-3 years when you upgrade the PC again, and the market supports it better.

  Ralphie Lovebucket 14:40 12 Aug 2004

Go for it now.

I read an article recently which suggested that AGP X8 doesn't outperform AGP X4 - so I wouldn't worry anout the "even faster" PCI Express.

  Trev-199290 11:30 13 Aug 2004

But making sure I can upgrade when I just can,t squeeze anything more out of my current setup.
I have a motherboard that will let me upgrade my processor to AMD 2800 (1.3 now) and of course add more RAM to it.
The other thing I can upgrade is my graphics.
But I go this path so I don,t chase my tail, I play games but usually old ones. This means I save on all fronts cos I don,t need the technology.
I buy cheap games and find I can experience more games on a smaller budget.
Its hard when the likes of Half life 2 come out mind,
but I can always upgrade just enough to be able to play them.

  flying grouse 11:50 13 Aug 2004

Intel have put 64 bit in the background at the moment, waiting for Microsoft to release software some time next year. Not much software on the market capable of using 64 bit processing.........

  Ollieole 13:49 13 Aug 2004

If every time I went to buy a new PC i waited for the new technology that was just coming out I would never have got round to buying one - there is always something just around the corner. My philosophy has always been to buy the best available at the time and make it last by upgrading as much as possible until upgrading can no longer be done. My last two PCs both lasted 4 years that way - admittedly starting to struggle with newer applications towards the end

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