PCA-what price loyalty

  rowdy 13:48 13 Oct 2003

PCA issue 100 contains offers of subscription.

To renew my subscription for 12 issues £21.97

To take out a new subscription (online) for 12 issues £17.94.

Both offers include a choice of free CD-Rom.

Does it really pay to be loyal??


  Al94 13:55 13 Oct 2003

Hey, we all offer incentives to get new customers on board. It's still good value.

  johnnyrocker 13:58 13 Oct 2003

but 4 quid cheaper to a newbie without as the poster said having no regard to existing custs.


  rowdy 14:01 13 Oct 2003

I personally think that it is just the magasine trading on consumer inertia,like the big four banks and their current account interest rates, and it should be that loyal customers get the perks not fly by night newcomers. Retention of your existing customer base should be the major consideration for any company.

I am certainly reconsidering my renewal of subscription, it would be cheaper just to take out a new one. If this is not permitted then exit one customer.


  wee eddie 18:11 13 Oct 2003

Maybe a subscription will save you money.

Buy it in the local Corner Shop and you will save someones job.

  velodrome 18:30 13 Oct 2003

hear, hear

  Rayuk 19:12 13 Oct 2003

But if you dont subscribe maybe someone else loses a job.

  spuds 19:14 13 Oct 2003

This method of subscription 'special offer' as been around, a very long time now. It can cover magazines to,as you have stated,banking merthods.Doesn't always pay to be loyal.

  oresome 19:29 13 Oct 2003

As in politics, it's the floating voter that counts and has to be won over.

  rowdy 19:34 13 Oct 2003

The magazine states ' save 50% ' using the subscribenow suffix to the normal PCA URL but when you go there no mention of the £17.94 offer.

Someone somewhere needs to get his/her act together.


  Brian-336451 20:36 13 Oct 2003

If it irks you that much, allow your subscription to expire then take up the offer.

BUT . . . what will you do if the offer doesn't last that long.

Personally (this is worthy of vomiting), I love the magazine and have just renewed and upgraded to the DVD version (see?).

Just think, in a year those people that took up the offer are going to be saying the same thing as you!

Life is hard then you die!!! :)

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