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  powerless 20:54 30 May 2003


"Need some advice about what to buy? Got a problem with a manufacturer? Did your PC vendor treat you wrong? Maybe your vendor treated you right. Whether you've got gripes or praiseworthy comments to make, share them with others in our Consumerwatch forum."

NO TO ALL the above "questions"!

However (if i may) change a few of the words, to read:

"Need some advice about what to buy? Got a problem with a PC magazine? Did your PC Magazine treat you wrong? Maybe your PC magazine treated you right. Whether you've got gripes or praiseworthy comments to make, share them with others in our Consumerwatch forum."

Answers on a postcard... But to save time writing it out and on the cost of a stamp...I'll answer on here.

"Need some advice about what to buy?" - None what-so-ever, in fact i always buy PCA.

"Got a problem with a PC magazine?" - NO!

"Maybe your PC magazine treated you right" - YES THEY DID.

My opinions...

They (monthly) produce the best PC magazine out there. NO SERIOUSLY they do, it's superbly well laid out and fully undertstanable.

PCA have the right mix of features, they give it too you a little at a time and try not to cram it in your face, spread out over several pages. They also contiune the trend of
"Expert Advice in Plain English" - I fully undertsand what you are trying to say PCA!

The "News" section brings me up to date on what is happening out there in the computer world (well ok i have read some of it before).

The "New Products" section, well it tells me whats what on (i have to admit it) products that i will prorbaly never will buy...But does make a good read.

The "Reviews" sections tells me how you rate the product. I guess i'm stupid only listening to PCA and should get a few more opinions. But as of yet i have not brought anything that you have featured. But you never know...

I could go on...BUT I WONT!

My point is i like you PCA (as a magazine) and "keep up the good work" as i'll continue to read.


Superb! Been here now for ummm about a year - Have made a few mistakes along the way with my postings (spellings etc) but it dosnt matter - we stick to the PC side of things and we get the job done. WE as in the 100,000+ members...

I'm more of a replier than a poster and i sure do like coming here helping people (and when the time comes to be helped).

Even when it's slow, i still try to access the site. You have me HOOKED!


Do not know you personally but as the forum editor i have to "respect" you. Must be difficult making the decisons you make (well some has to do it)...People may diagree with you, but there is a job to be done and in some cases the site life i guess. Would not want one thread threating legal action from a manufacturer...SO you put us all right and tell us striaght.

So to end one this praiseworthy thread ( thats what it's about if you have not noticed).

To all of you at PCA HQ, congradulations on the Magazine and this forum - I for one am a happy customer.

The End.

p.s. No i do not work for PCA.

p.p.s. A long posting i know, but i think it was worth it.

  wee eddie 21:16 30 May 2003

think I spend my time surfing porn sites. It's easier to let them go on thinking that. I would have to spend hours explaining the attractions of this site and they'd still think I was surfing porn sites.

I can't hide my morning reading matter but at least I don't have to share my facilities!

  Belatucadrus 21:22 30 May 2003

If this earns Powerless a free lifetimes subscription to PCA, please let us know, I'm willing to give it a shot. Let me see now " Oh great and wonderous PCA um, I'll get me coat.

  powerless 00:14 31 May 2003

OK, you can join in! (i hear your calling)

  Stuartli 00:35 31 May 2003

It would have been far more convincing to just say: "excellent mag, sound advice, interesting forums" etc than involve yourself in a patronising spiel...:-)

  powerless 00:40 31 May 2003


  powerless 05:05 31 May 2003

Wish i never said anything now :-(


  Forum Editor 08:27 31 May 2003

leave poor Powerless alone please.

I for one appreciate your sentiments Powerless (and those expressed by the others). It's great to hear a little praise occasionally, and we unashamedly thank you for it. This is an entirely free forum (a fact which some people occasionally overlook when they write to me demanding this and demanding that),the cost of which is not entirely recovered from advertising revenue.

The computer magazine market is a rough,tough world in which to trade, and market shares are fiercely contested. You have to stay on your toes to survive, and we think our forum goes a long way towards establishing our credentials as a responsible magazine with something interesting to say to the computing community. We hope so anyway, and we hope you'll all continue to read the magazine as well as joining us here in the forum.

End of PR blurb - thanks again Powerless, and everyone else.

  Stuartli 08:28 31 May 2003

Don't take it to heart...:-) It was in the right place.

  Forum Editor 14:05 01 Jun 2003

that you think I'm a "very nice man or woman", and I suppose I should set the record straight by owning up.......I'm a man, although I'm pleased you weren't able to tell; it must mean that I come across as non-sexist, which is a good thing surely?

As far as your money-making idea (maybe it will work maybe not) is concerned, feel free to email me: [email protected]

I'll give it careful consideration and maybe let you know, maybe not.

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