PCA Review comps. How to remove advert?

  Cara2 22:10 01 Mar 2005

I am driven crazy trying to remove the ad which obscures the reviews. Maybe only the one I am looking at - super budget, placed at no. 1 - is affected?

How do I do this!!

  Cara2 23:03 01 Mar 2005

Thanks for link.

Aside from that kind of solution - I want to view the review! Usually you can click somewhere on the ad to remove it. But in this case it just sits and obscures the text. Where do you click?

  Cara2 23:11 02 Mar 2005

Again, thanks for replies.

Apart from your long term solutions - I am not sure that I am getting my point across very well.

I am puzzled why a review should be permanently obscured by an 'unshiftable' ad? It is counter-productive if the ad cannot be shifted in anyway. I cannot believe that this is PCA intention? Is this the same for everyone, or is this just a quirk which I am experiencing?

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