PCA Poll. What do you look for in mobile phone?

  961 13:40 11 Jun 2007

Here in the Scottish Borders the main consideration is satisfactory reception/transmission for voice calls

Without that the rest is immaterial

  brundle 14:42 11 Jun 2007

Indeed, I would have expected `just making phone-calls` to appear on the list...

  Diemmess 17:55 11 Jun 2007

Though in fact I have two.
One is a 7-8 year old brick whose batteries have gone senile but it still works for emergencies and lives in my car. It has yet to finish the second tenner of PAYG calls.

The other was a gift from a daughter who was upgrading again, and I really don't want to know how to take blurry photos or send texts. It too still has about £4 credit left from the initial tenner.

With the vagaries of signal neither is a lot of use where I live, but have this underlying benefit of ability to contact when timing is uncertain and my wife and I can each reassure the other.

  MrNerdy 18:00 11 Jun 2007

The only provider i have found that does offer nearly 100% coverage is o2.

  bluto1 18:52 11 Jun 2007

Ditto, almost to the penny, and for emergency use only.

  Pine Man 19:07 11 Jun 2007

No matter how little you use your phone it pays to check what the service provider is offering as an inducement.

I have an Orange PAYG and rarely use it but it comes into its own on Wednesdays when for the price of a text you get two for the price of one at cinemas!

  Forum Editor 19:21 11 Jun 2007

on the same subject running in Speakers Corner.

  laurie53 20:45 11 Jun 2007

I'm with O2 and their coverage is pretty poor.

At home I can only call from the bedroom, and when I last changed handsets I had to takr two back simply becuase they did not work in this area at all.

I do not live in a valley or anything, at least five miles direct view in all directions, and to the south east line of site to Edinburgh.

The ability to make calls is all I look for!

  Arnie 21:05 11 Jun 2007

I totally agree, but polls never seem to cater for the simplistic approach to life.

  tammer 22:12 11 Jun 2007

I live on the east side of Edinburgh and O2 was never a problem for me. I switched to Virgin (which piggy backs on T-Mobile) and the reception's a bit rubbish in my house.

It seems pot luck really.

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