PCA poll phones and driving

  lixdexik 23:40 31 Mar 2003

If useing a mobile phone while driving should be banned, then surely talking to passengers in your car while driving should also be an offence. And what about smoking while driving, that should bring a prison sentence, not only are you endangering other road users, but also endangering your self and your passengers from the polution. And what about having a map in the car? that could be a distraction on the front seat, the driver might be tempted to look at it while moveing, and children in the back seat should be outlawed, they are a major distraction.

Fair enough not to hold a phone while driving, but a hands free phone is no more a distraction than talking to a passenger in your car. Get real
and stop all this interfearing with drivers. they get persecuted enough.

What do mobile phones and driving have to do with a computer forum??


  Starfox 00:02 01 Apr 2003

(that is the people who would like to ban almost everything)is for you to live as miserable life as theirs,what happened to it's a free country.

That should provoke some interesting comments !

  Forum Editor 02:06 01 Apr 2003

the majority of voters disagree with you - they think that using phones in cars should be banned whilst driving, and so do I.

I don't live a miserable life, but I do have a good deal of experience as a driver, and I have seen how people are distracted when talking on the phone - it's human nature. Tests have shown that we can't concentrate on our driving to anything like the same degree whilst having a phone conversation, and our reaction time can be slowed considerably.

A for drivers being persecuted - that's nonsense isn't it? Talking to a passenger is a distracion as well, but it only takes a couple of nanoseconds to realise that you couldn't possibly operate a no-talking law, whereas a no-phoning law could be enforced without too much trouble.

I clearly remember the fuss that was made when wearing seat belts became compulsory - many people said it was a ridiculous restriction of a driver's liberty/freedom of choice, etc. Now, many years later we know that thousands of lives have been saved by seatbelts, and nobody would seriously propose that we stop wearing them. The same thing happened when crash helmets became law for motorcyclists, but only a fool would now suggest that they aren't necessary.

It's a free country? Yes, it is, and I for one would prefer to be alive to enjoy the freedom. It's not necessary to talk on the phone whilst driving - no call is so urgent that it can't wait for a few minutes.

  Phased 06:50 01 Apr 2003

Along with a no smoking law too I hope, what about CB's for truckers?

  « Ravin » 07:33 01 Apr 2003

i happen to think that using the phone and driving do not go together.. had to do it only once to realise the risk.. how long is it going to take to pull over ?

a person on the phone will not know whats going on whereas a passenger will keep quiet in a sticky situation and can even help out sometimes.. a map is hardly as distracting as an extended phone conversation so that really isn't a very good comparison

for safety sake i really think that you shouldn't use the phone and drive

  €dstow 07:58 01 Apr 2003

There are numerous other things to get worked up about with driving.

I've seen:

Lipstick being applied using the "vanity" mirror. This is usually restricted to women.

Plucking eyebrows using same mirror. Women, usually.

Nail polish being applied. This again usually involves only women.

Feeding a small child with a spoon from a jar of gloop. Usually women.

Shaving. Usually men.

Pouring drink from a thermos flask. No specific gender.

Reading a book perched on the steering wheel. No specific gender.

Keying into a PDA.

Inflating balloons. Not only disracting but the field of vision is progressively obscured as the inflation proceeds. It was a man I saw doing this but women could be just as guilty.

Conducting an invisible orchestra while steering with his knees.

Various activities unmentionable in a family forum.

I'm sure there are loads of others.

Note I was a passenger when these things were observed. I take more care when driving.


  €dstow 08:06 01 Apr 2003

Another one:

Eating cornflakes with milk from a bowl - this was a woman on the school run.


  Mango Grummit 08:17 01 Apr 2003

Both times my car has been run into in a car park the driver was wearing a hat.

Wearing hats when driving brings on senility without doubt and should be banned.

  €dstow 08:24 01 Apr 2003

Hat wearing drivers used to be a bête noir of Robert Robinson on R4. Particularly bad were Volvo drivers with hats.


  raygraphix 08:28 01 Apr 2003

If anyone think driving with mobile phones is very good....why not take your breakfast and drive..............its not harming anyone.

Come on........ITS BAD WE all know that.

Just being GREEDY.........

  Mango Grummit 08:32 01 Apr 2003

€dstow, I didn't know that so I don't suppose you're going to believe this then but one of'em was driving a Volvo, honest lol.

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