PCA May Edition.

  BAC1-11 11:48 11 Mar 2007

It dropped through my letter box yeterday minus the PC Repair Kit CD. How can I obtain one, other than buying another copy?

  Forum Editor 12:00 11 Mar 2007

to: [email protected] and mention that I suggested you contact him.

Richard is our CD Editor, and he's on the ball. He'll sort this out, or he'll arrange for someone else to do it.

  Fingees 12:04 11 Mar 2007

As stated in the mag.
Call 01795 414 940

  dwaynedibbly 14:30 11 Mar 2007

If you get the DVD edition it is on the DVD.
Just open up files in window explorer and you will see the folder marked PC Repair Kit.

  BAC1-11 15:01 11 Mar 2007

Thanks for the reponse

  RickyC :-) 10:53 12 Mar 2007

The content from the 'PC Repair Kit' CD is included on the DVD, so DVD subscribers can scroll through the PDF and will find it after the 'From the magazine section, and before the games demos.

The actual PC Repair Kit CD is not included in CD subscription copies, but subscribers to the CD edition can get the content if you choose to upgrade your CD subscription to the DVD edition. Readers can do this by calling the subscription helpline on 01795 414836.

To access the contents of the disc (CD or DVD), load up the PDF file called "Click here to begin". This will provide information on each of the programs on the disc and includes system requirements, install paths and buttons and links to the developers' websites.


Cover Disc Editor

  Repurr 11:54 12 Mar 2007

Having read the above following reading the PC repair article in PCA May (and as a CD subscriber) have 2 questions:

Why are DVD subscribers and purchasers of the magazine being preferred to, by receiving useful and worthwhile software, and having articles specifically targetted to them, whilst the CD subscribers are treated as 2nd class citizens in the PC advisor world?

How can I get hold of the PC repair kit, without having to buy another magazine or subscribe to the DVD edition?

  Belatucadrus 02:05 14 Mar 2007

"How can I get hold of the PC repair kit, without having to buy another magazine or subscribe to the DVD edition?"

Download the software you want from the links in the magazine or hope somebody who doesn't want it will send you one. IDG don't appear to have any intention of supplying it to CD subscribers.

  RickyC :-) 13:01 14 Mar 2007

The PC Repair Kit is an extra free CD being offered with newsstand issues. It wasn't possible to fit the PC Repair Kit content on the CD-ROM in addition to the Microsoft Office 2007 trial which is being provided to CD subscribers.

Due to the extra space available, we were able to include the PC Repair Kit content on the DVD, and so DVD subscribers are able to access all of the content from this feature.

CD edition subscribers who wish to obtain the content from the PC Repair Kit CD can follow the links in the editorial feature (p77) and download the software from the appropriate websites listed throughout the feature.

Alternatively, CD subscribers can still get the content by upgrading their CD subscription to the DVD edition. Readers can do this by calling the subscription helpline on 01795 414836. An upgrade from a CD subscription to DVD will cost only 50p per issue, for the remaining issues in your existing subscription.

A number of other computer magazines have stopped providing a CD edition altogether, and are now only offering a DVD edition. We are resisting this and still intend to offer a CD edition of the magazine to our readers. However, you will find that extra software is included on the DVD, which can't be found on the CD.

Kind regards

Cover Disc Editor

  BAC1-11 13:07 21 Mar 2007

I've just returned to this thread for the first time since ticking the resolved box and I, like Repurr, am not impressed.

You take your CD subscribers money at the start of the 12 month period so you have, for example, the benefit of the December issue money for a full 12 months, yet it would seem the 'passing trade' customers who get their copies on spec from newsagents get a better deal for their money. So much for looking after you regular customer base.

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