PCA encourages use of P2P sites ?

  bremner 10:44 04 Jan 2003
  bremner 10:44 04 Jan 2003

We have been around the block many times over the rights and wrongs of P2P sites and the fact that it is illegal to download music / video from such sites as it is a breach of copyright.

So I am rather surprised to find that included on the Cover Disk of the latest PCA, to drop on the mat this morning, downloads for both Kazaa and Morpheus.

I then looked at the cover disk page in the PCA and from this I quote:

"Make the most of the great music and video footage on the internet with these great tools that will help you find, share and download files"

If this is not encouraging people to break the law I don't know what is.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:09 04 Jan 2003

You can buy a gun but you do not have to kill people. Any modern car is capable of breaking speed limits.

There are many royalty free d/ls on Kazaa and Morpheus. If people choose to d/l copyright stuff (and they know what it is) then that is their perogative. Self responsibility, as usual, is to the fore here. If you are skint then Kazaa and Morpheus are a good. free alternative to FTP progs.


  Andÿ 12:35 04 Jan 2003
  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:45 04 Jan 2003

The link says it all. Personally I do not approve of people d/ling copyright music or anything (the law has the same attitude as well and as I have had to take various companies/people to court for using my copyright material I know what it is like to be ripped off) and I do suspect that most people use Kazaa and Morpheus for this reason. However I have to concede that they are both free, not illegal, can be used for FTP and downloading non-copyright stuff..... so looks like they are here to stay.

On the bright side...there are large amounts of non-copyright material being released before the authorities start checking on who is d/ling copyright stuff.


  Forum Editor 16:23 04 Jan 2003

I don't think so. It isn't illegal to use Kazaa, and it isn't illegal to download music tracks - as long as you don't download those which are protected by copyright. You can share copyright-free files quite legally.

  bremner 16:35 04 Jan 2003

IMHO what total hypocrisy.

Everyone is fully aware that the massively overwhelming number of users of these sites download copyright material. This site quite rightly condones the illegal downloading of such material. PCA then provides the means to do so. Not only that but the magazine states "great tools to share files" with no reference to illegality usually involved.
Of course it is not illegal to use / download Kazaa and the like but does PCA not have a moral obligation as a publisher to condemn such activity and do all in it's power to prevent it.

I'll get off my soapbox now, have a strong drink and watch the footie results...ta ta.

  Forum Editor 17:05 04 Jan 2003

the downloading of illegal software and music, Regular vistors to the forum will know that I've done so until I'm blue in the face, so let's have less of the cheap point-scoring.

Some people seem to think that forum users and magazine readers are all children, incapable of working out what is and what isn't illegal. Whatever happened to commonsense and the law-abiding citizen? If we worked on bremner's premise there would be no off-licences because some underage children attempt to buy alcohol. No nightclubs because some people sell drugs in them. No modems because some people use them to connect to paedophilia sites.

I've never heard such rubbish - enjoy your strong drink.

  TOPCAT® 17:55 04 Jan 2003

Having silently followed this thread and many others on the same subject, I'd like to add an observation which I've not seen mentioned before in any of them.

True, copying copyrighted files is illegal and rightly so in this and many other countries.

When it comes to audio CDs, however, I personally find that out of, say, 20 tracks on it only two or three are what I would call worth having. It is one of the reasons, the inflated cost of the CDs another, that I understand why so much is downloaded illegally for free. I believe many bring down tracks of chosen titles and make up their own CD compilations.

I don't condone this or object either as it is a matter between the individual and his conscience. It is, however, going to be a mammoth and costly job to try and stop this activity entirely.

I don't think they will ever stop it myself, because as soon as they close down an illegal site two more open up within hours. Just my opinion here. TC.

  Coaster3 18:01 04 Jan 2003

"You can buy a gun but you do not have to kill people."

I used to own a gun and shot for my county. I didn't go around killing people but the government still took it off me!

  bremner 18:09 04 Jan 2003

FE I would expect you to have least read my posting properly before making accusations of "cheap point scoring" I said “This site quite rightly condones the illegal downloading of such material.” I am interested in sensible debate not petty sound bites.

My final sentence makes the point that not only should that be the case but that you (PCA) should be seen to do all you can to prevent it.

I feel that by providing the means to do so and the magazine actually stating that the download enables users to share music and video files, (making no reference to the potential illegality of such actions) PCA is not being seen to do all it can to prevent it.

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