PC World/Tech Guys/Whatever Happens Problems PT3

  JulieUK 16:02 25 Jan 2010


Once again we got so excited to finally at last be getting our laptop back. We immediately got into the car and traveled to the store. We were told by the 'Whatever Happens' people that our laptop would be checked by the Newtonabbey PC World 'Tech Guys' before it was handed over. We received our paper work stating that the fault was the fan. As before it stated that quality assurance checks were completed by 'The Tech Guys'

We once again sat at the table and excitedly turned the laptop on in anticipation of playing the Christmas present CD Rom game. The laptop was on for 2 minutes and it crashed. Everything died. I switched it on again and nothing, it wouldn't even switch on. I tried again, it loaded for a second and crashed again. I was absolutely horrified. I could not believe it. Yet again it was sent back unfixed, yet again it was sent back in a worse condition.

My Daughter was inconsolable and I tried my best to be strong for her. We immediately rang the 'Whatever Happens' and yet again explained the situation. We asked for the laptop to be written off, and for a courier to come and pick it up the next day, 19/01/10. We were told that it could not be picked up until 21/01/10, yet it says in the 'Whatever Happens' contract that they have 'next working day courier collection' yet I'm having to wait 3 days. We were told that the laptop would be 'written off' and instructed to phone 'The Tech Guys' on morning to be updated with the situations progress.

The laptop was picked up by and courier on the 21/01/10. Today we phone 'The Tech Guys' as instructed to be told the 'write off' had been rejected! I could not believe it! I have not had my laptop from 3/12/09! How they could possibly 'reject' it! This is were the plot thickened. I asked to speak to a manger/someone in charge. He then informed me that on their computer system it stated that my laptop had been returned to the PC World store on the 16/12/09!

Yet as you can see from above, I never received a phone call to collect it (the 1st time) until the 05/01/10. That's not forgetting the numerous 'Tech Guys' text messages I'd been receiving throughout the month of December/January telling me that they were either 'waiting for parts' or 'still working on my computer' These text messages were being received every 4 days. So as far as I was concerned my laptop was still with 'The Tech Guys' and not laying in a PC World store!

I'm so sorry, this whole saga is so confusing, frustrating and extremely stressful. The 'manager' of 'The Tech Guys' could only apologise for both PC World's mistake (not informing me of my laptop's return for 4 weeks) and their mistake (sending me numerous text messages informing me that my laptop was still in situ being repaired) Let's not forget the fact that the computer came back each time in a worse condition than it left, and was never fixed!

He said he would contact the 'PC Performance' 'Whatever Happens' people and explain the situation BUT he can not guarantee that they will 'write off' the laptop and send me vouchers even though I have been without my laptop for a total of 9 weeks in the year I've owned it through no fault of my own!

I am totally and utterly exasperated by it all. The stress it has brought me is unbelievable. I would appreciated anyone's help in resolving this situation as I am at the end of my tether.

I once again apologise for the length of the posting.

Thank you.

  Terry Brown 16:27 25 Jan 2010

I think you best option is to go your Citizens advice, explain the situation Take copies of all corresponce with you as well as the purchase statement. and ask them to contact the Trading standards authority. Sometimes a little bit of Legal muscle is required to deal with these 'persons'.

You could go to the local newspaper, as I am sure they woule love a nice juicy story, and shops hate bad publicity more than anything.

  JulieUK 16:35 25 Jan 2010

Thank you very much for taking the time to respond.

Yeah, it looks like I'm going to have to take this to a solicitor.

I did not want to have to go down that route but it's all becoming quite farcical now, I'm banging my head off a brick wall. I feel as if I've been robbed!

I am considering contacting some consumer programmes to see if some negative publicity will move things on a tad.

I have everything documented and saved. Texts, voice mails, paper work etc.

Thanks again,


  Woolwell 16:40 25 Jan 2010

I suspect that the manager was looking at out of date data.

There is someone who come on this forum who may be able to help. Cannot remember his user name - sorry.

  Forum Editor 16:56 25 Jan 2010

can be read if you click here

Part 2 is here: click here

  Forum Editor 17:04 25 Jan 2010

all this and offer some advice.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:24 25 Jan 2010

Wasn't there a very similar thread to this a year ago?


  JulieUK 20:56 25 Jan 2010

Thank you very much for your replies.

I must apologise for my lack of board etiquette. I now realise I should have put all my information in one post. I misunderstood the instructions.

Thank you very much Forum Editor for merging.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts, thank you.

Woolwell...It's all so very confusing but the fact still remains - I have not had my laptop from 03/12/09. I pay £9.99 a month for 'Whatever Happens' In it's contract it states that if they are unable to repair the product within 6 weeks then a replacement product/vouchers to the same specification will be issued. It is now nearly 8 weeks since the 03/12/09 and I have yet to receive either my laptop (working) or the alternative. So frustrating.

Gandalf....I would be very interested in reading the similar thread to see if they had a favourable outcome?

  erkmatrix 09:12 26 Jan 2010

Oh wow Julie that does sound an absolutely terrible ordeal for you and your daughter to have gone through. A firm as big as PC World you would think would of handled this much better than they have. Just to go on so long and god knows what these tech guys are doing. I've never purchased anything from PC World but this will for sure put me off from ever doing so. Simply terrible service to have paid for cover and this happens. All advice I can offer is to agree get to Watchdog about it, citizens advice which you maybe have been by now and yeah the local press. Great that you have documented everything that has gone on. Surely they have to act with a really good gesture of something to you like a brand new laptop of say more value than you paid. I wish you well and thanks for the warning about PC World and this Whatever Happens Problems tech company.

  donki 12:40 26 Jan 2010

The Newtonabbey store is absoluely terrible I must agree with you there. I have had many problems (nothing compared to yours) in the past. I am yet to find a customer service represntitive in there that knows anythign about the product they are selling. The only advise I can give you is what has been echoed on here. I would also write a letter to the Cheif Exec, documenting everything stating the evidence u have, I would CC this letter to Trading Standards, Watchdog and the Belfast Tele. Hope everyhting works out for you.

  Colin 12:51 26 Jan 2010

This is the case I think Gandalf is referring to:

click here

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