PC World/Tech Guys/Whatever Happens Problems PT2

  JulieUK 15:59 25 Jan 2010


We were so excited to be finally getting our laptop back. My Daughter was the happiest she'd been since it broke. We had a miserable Christmas without it. One of my relatives had bought my Daughter a little game for autistic children on CD Rom for Christmas and she was unable to use it. She was devastated, and trying to explain to her why someone had taken her laptop was impossible.

We traveled to the PC World store. We received the documents stating what was wrong (Hard drive) The documents stated that the laptop had been through all kinds of quality assurance checks by 'The Tech Guys' This gave us piece of mind knowing it had been throughly checked.

The action date on the report is the 12/12/09. I thought this strange as I am receiving my laptop back from on the 05/01/10. Such a long time after action was taken.

My Daughter was absolutely delighted to have it back, and couldn't wait to turn it on and play her CD Rom. We sat down at the table and switched it on. To our horror as soon as it was switched on it started to make these dreadful grinding noises, which got louder and louder the longer it was on. These noises frightened my Daughter, and then the fact that the laptop was still broken sent her into yet another melt down. I could not believe after everything we've been through, and waiting 4 weeks and 5 days on it's return that it was in a worse state than it was!

We immediately got in the car and traveled to the PC World store in Newtownabbey. I switched the laptop on in the store, they heard the noise and agreed that it was still broken. It had to be sent away again! My Daughter yet again was completely devastated.

3 days later I received this text:

Hi, our courier will be in touch soon to confirm collection of your laptop. Typically repairs take 2 weeks to complete. We'll be in touch soon. Thanks

The day I received that text was 5 weeks and 1 day without my laptop. I knew per 'Whatever Happens' contract that:

If your product can't be fixed, or it takes longer than 6 weeks to repair you may request a replacement product.

I doubted very much that my laptop would be back in my hands repaired by the 14/01/10 (6 weeks) On the 13/01/10 we once again traveled the 9 miles to the store to find out what was going on, as we'd heard nothing from 'The Tech Guys' The manager at the store basically said there was nothing he could do, it was out of his hands. He told me that it had nothing to do with him as 'The Tech Guys'/'Whatever Happens' were a different company. I told him that I bought the laptop from him, so surely it had a little to do with him! He said we would have to contact 'The Tech Guys' 'Whatever Happens' He did say that he would recommend that the laptop be 'written off' as the 6 week period was the next day. I felt as if I was getting no where fast, and the thoughts of having to explain it all to my Daughter again filled me with dread.

The next day 14/01/10, 6 weeks without my laptop, I yet again phoned 'Whatever Happens' and requested that my laptop be written off. I was told this was no problem, given a reference number and then told to phone on Monday 18th January to find out what was happening. We of course phoned on 18/01/10 to be told that the 'write off' had been rejected, and that our laptop was in the PC World Newtonabbey store, it had been delivered that day!....


  Forum Editor 16:54 25 Jan 2010

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