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  robinhood_1984 16:09 15 Jul 2007

I posted on here about a month ago with regards a faulty lap-top screen. In the end it was collected by courier and taken to the techguys to be fixed as it was still under 1 year warranty. Just under two weeks later it was returned to me, minus the power cables which were sent with it. That was two weeks ago and following a further three phone calls to the tech guys I just keep getting the same answers, ie "we've put a request through to the workshop, and they're investigating into the whereabouts of your cables" and "You'll definetely get a call within the week"....this never happens, so I phone them up again and the whole thing starts over.

Is there anything I can do about this, obviously its an unacceptable situation, I don't even know if the laptop is fixed because it was delivered with a flat battery and wont turn on. From what I can gather, new cables/powers supplies aren't cheap and I don't see why I should have to buy another one because of their mistakes. The courier who delivered the laptop did leave a "Sorry we missed you" slip, where at the top he jotted down his name, route number, date, signiture and wrote "no leads" and he said that will prove it wasn't delivered with leads.

Where do I go from here, as at the moment I'm just going round in circles with the tech guys help lines.

  PalaeoBill 17:13 15 Jul 2007

I would go to PCWorld and nicely but forcefully request that they resolve the problem. If they currently sell the same or a similar model get them to give you a power supply from one of their stock machines. They can get a replacement from the manufacturer.
It is their problem, not yours, don't leave the store without a resolution.

  spuds 20:09 15 Jul 2007

The normal procedure for sending this type of item away for repair, is not to send any leads or accessories, because the repairers use their own. You may find that your cable is in a bin at the repairers, along with other customers leads and bits/pieces.Might be a bit hard to find your original lead now, hence the non-response.

As already been suggested, try PC World, and see if they can help.

  robinhood_1984 20:17 15 Jul 2007

They specifically asked me to send the leads, which is why I did.

  spuds 20:23 15 Jul 2007

"They specifically asked me to send the leads, which is why I did". I that case demand them back from PC World or their Tech Guys.

  robinhood_1984 21:39 15 Jul 2007

I haven't been into pc world yet, mainly because from past experience you get absolutely nowhere with them, they just seem to be programmed into doing nothing more than giving you a phone number to ring and once they've done that, their only reply to everything you say is "ring the number" and they have no intention of sorting anything out in the store.

As for the Tech Guys, I have demanded it back, three times now and I'm also getting nowhere there, I just go around in circles.

  ajm 23:22 15 Jul 2007

Hi. Please let me know exact details of your make and model of the laptop and where you bought the laptop from. Please also send me your ID reference number. Kindly communicate these details via the YELLOW ENVELOPE next to my username.

I will see what I can do for you. Am making no promises, though.

  robinhood_1984 17:53 20 Jul 2007

Hi ajm,

I've sent you a message with the details requested, many thanks.

  ajm 23:52 20 Jul 2007

Hi. Yes I saw the email; however I accidentally deleted it ( with others ) from my blackberry!!!!

Kindly resend it again, please.

I have sent you an email as well through the yellow envelope.


  fillythebish 00:11 21 Jul 2007

PC world and tech guys are words that dont go well together I'm afraid. I've had dealings with them and they are a bunch of amateurs who have no interest in helping you.

I got a pc from them once and that was the last time I had any dealings with them. It was a few years back and I was new at computers so when they offered a technical support phone line for a added charge I naturaly agreed, but when something went wrong I found the technical line simply put me through to the shop I got it from! They never seemed to have any idea what was wrong and in my warranty they sent out some technicians to my house to fix a bad problem, it took 3 technician visits and they made the problem worse to the point that they had to take it back and give me a new one which thankfully worked. But it took many months of messing around to get my new PC. It was the most frustrating experience. They just dont care at all

  ajm 21:37 30 Jul 2007

hi robinhood_1984, have you had any response from techguys or received anything in the post. Let me know. Cheers. AJM

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