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  nick2308 13:40 06 Jan 2007

I am seeking advice or clarification – the problem is that I bought a PC package from PC World at the end of November 2006. Yesterday the monitor developed a fault, so I boxed up the monitor and took it back to PC World this morning. I explained the fault to the assistant who informed me that I must speak to the manufacturer, as it is their (manufactures) policy to deal with repairs. I was under the impression that if an item develops a fault within the first six months, the trader (PC World) must provide a refund/replacement or repair. The assistant showed me their policy and PC World will only carry out a refund or replacement in the first 28 days, after that time I have to deal with the manufacturer. Can anyone please advise.

  n4165si 13:52 06 Jan 2007

read this
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  STREETWORK 13:56 06 Jan 2007

The manufacture will swop out the monitor for you, all you need it their phone number. I did this and it was delivered next day with the old one being collected (by the same man) 4 days later...

  2drewej 14:31 06 Jan 2007

after my satnav developed a fault about 7 months after i purchased it, pc world offered me a full refund or replacement , but i think this was at the managers discretion - if i were you i would ask to see the manager.

  vinnyT 14:41 06 Jan 2007

It is often easier and quicker to deal with the manufacturer direct, however, ultimately your contract is with pc world and their t&cs (no matter how much they may dislike the fact) can in no way undermine the sale of goods act.

Someone more knowledgeable will be able to advise further, if I am mistaken.

  nick2308 14:53 06 Jan 2007

Thanks for your replies so far.


Did you have to pay for the handling/delivery costs? As the manufacture states that I am responsible for the costs.

  spuds 15:49 06 Jan 2007

As mentioned previously in this case, it is PC World's responsibility to resolve any problems under UK consumer law, not the manufacturers. The manufacturers warranty is an addition to your consumer rights. The manufacturer is not legally obliged to do anything. PC World (DSG Group) terms and conditions cannot overrule consumer law, irrespective of what PC World or any of their employees may imply or insist.

Having stated that, it is usually quicker to resolve a replacement/repair issue with the manufacturer, with PC World's knowledge and approval. Asking PC World for confirmation would/should safeguard you, in case of further problems (Then PCW have authorised you, to contact the manufacturer, you have not contacted the manufacturer, without PCW knowledge. Get this in writing).If the monitor is found to be faulty, then there should be no charges made. In fact, most manufacturers have a swop-out arrangement. Collect (yours) and replace free at the same time, more so, if it is an on-site deal.

Regarding PCW, and the way they sell monitors, you may find that the warranty provision from the manufacturer is slightly different from other outlet suppliers for the same model monitor, due to PCW contractual arrangements and their own extended warranty provisions.

Some consumer law details click here

  STREETWORK 15:49 06 Jan 2007

No, no cost the manufactures paid for it...

  nick2308 16:03 06 Jan 2007

Many thanks to all who replied. I'll go the manufacturers route as I want the monitor replaced quickly. Thanks again for all your advice.

  [email protected] 20:03 06 Jan 2007

if you can cut out pc world and deal with manufacturer, i know pc world should look after there own customers, but i think you'll have less headache dealing direct, a guy at work has had a new motherboard, hdd, only had it 1 month out of 3, he had a professional look at it, replace the graphics card and is sending them the bill, which i have no doubt he will refused payment, but at least he can use his £900 pc at last!

  RicScott 23:41 06 Jan 2007

If the warranty is not held by PCWorld, then the Manufacturer is responsible for the repair/replacement.

You do get a faster service from the manufacturers.
Look at the sale of goods act and you will see:
'The store must take responsability for the faulty goods unless acting as a selling agent for the manufacturer'
In PCWorld's case, this is most of their peripheral stock.

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