PC world yet again

  Main Access 21:04 11 Aug 2009

I have just bought a new laptop from PC world.

Whilst buying it the very informative (NOT) customer advisor started to tell me all about their wonderful PC insurance. When I pointed out to him that I was not interested in it as the laptop was covered under the sale of goods act, he continued to spouse the benefits. I then told him that if he said another word I would walk out, he then told me that it was company policy that I had to listen to his preamble before I could purchase the laptop. As I got up to leave he shut up.

Are PC world correct in that the sale of goods act does not apply to them and you have to purchase their own insurance to guarantee that you are covered?

  kev d 21:36 11 Aug 2009

I suppose the staff have their own insurance sales targets which possibly distracts them from serving their customers' needs.

  oresome 22:00 11 Aug 2009

PC world yet again?

You've purchased a product and they've tried to sell you insurance. They're a business for goodness sake, you'd expect them to try and enhance the sale.

Give the guy a break, hear him out and decline politely.

  kev d 22:05 11 Aug 2009

interested in buying insurance or anything else for that matter he / she has every right to politely ask the salesperson to cease the sales pitch. A decent sales person would then ask (but only once) the customer why. This is by no means a dig at the salesperson but more a complaint about PC World.

  dagnammit 22:42 11 Aug 2009

"Are PC world correct in that the sale of goods act does not apply to them and you have to purchase their own insurance to guarantee that you are covered?"

Did he actually say that?

Listen to their waffle, say no thanks, buy machine and walk out.

Of course you're covered by consumer law.

  dagnammit 22:45 11 Aug 2009

Meant to add. I was offered Norton, a surge protector and insurance when I went to grab a system a few years ago.

While he was talking I said "Just the computer thanks, I'll meet you at the tills", he brought the computer to the tills, offered to help me out and I said no.

That was that.

  Forum Editor 23:11 11 Aug 2009

whether they like it or not, and whether they sell online, by mail order, or from a shop.

If you don't want to listen to a sales pitch for an extended warranty just say so - anyone who pressurises you by saying that it is company policy to make customers listen to such recitations deserves to lose the sale.

  laurie53 07:24 12 Aug 2009

I have developed a nasty habit of telling the salesman that if something goes wrong I'll chuck it down the stairs and claim on the household insurance.

One day someone will believe me and warn the British Insurers Bureau!

  KremmenUK 07:39 12 Aug 2009

Store insurance has been reported many times as a waste of money. For years now I've always asked the price and then put that money into another bank account.

I therefore have my own insurance scheme where I have money put aside to pay for any repairs I may want. Over about the last 20 years of doing this I now have an account with a few thousand in it.

Some of the insurance quotes are ridiculous though. I've come across packages that over 5 years are almost as much as a new item anyway.

  ened 08:54 12 Aug 2009

I spent a few days recently looking for a new Laptop.

The staff in PC World - Aylesbury - were more than helpful and deserve some credit.

Once I explained what I was after there was no hard sell and most of their items had two prices on them. One for the unit with Norton and one without.

I don't know whether they are on targets but they assured me they no longer work for commission.

In the end they had not got the exact one I wanted but their computer showed they had one in Curry's at Milton Keynes.

The only thing which really pees me off about the DSG group is their insistence on getting your personal details.

The guy in MK told me it was for the warranty, which is baloney and I told him so. In the end, rather than ruin a nice day with an argument I gave him a false address. I had this once before and they were going to let me walk away from the store without the purchase rather than let me take it (Printer) without giving my address.

I was told it was 'Company Policy'!

Anyway it seems to me, regarding this thread, that it is the old story that it depends on the local people in these stores and, in Aylesbury the ones I dealt with over a weekend were friendly, courteous and knowledgeable!

  dagnammit 09:18 12 Aug 2009

Why not give them valid info. Your name and address can be searched for in purchase history if you go back to the store for warranty without the receipt.

Carphone Warehouse are another business who collect names and addresses even for Pay as you go phone. Taking a phone in for warranty, with one scan of the IMEI barcode they can retrieve your entire customer history.

I've never been spammed by either of these companies and in general get very little spam through the post.

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