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  recap 19:40 05 Aug 2003

A friend of mine bought a pc (advent) from PCW. He was never happy with the CD drive, it always seemed to be hit and miss if it was going to work. He took it back, and the technician suggested that he re-install the operating system.

"Why the O/S I asked".

"Don't know" my friend said that's basically all the technician told him to do. Oh and credit were credit is due, the technician did put a CD cleaning disc in just in case it had got some dirt on the lens.

To cut a long story short, I had a look at it and found (after some searching) that one of the pins on the cable was bent. New cable sorted it out.

My point of this is this: does PCW technicians know what they are talking about?

  [DELETED] 20:00 05 Aug 2003

its standard practice for hardware faults with pc world/pc service call they make you do it in case you have caused a problem by deleting somthing or just messed somthing up they like to make you think its your fault and not the machine

  [DELETED] 20:51 05 Aug 2003

Because 95% of the problems we encouter are fixed by a Software Restore:

- Pc's running slow
- Certain software crashing
- Intermittant drive problems

Its also the first thing they tell you to do over the phone. If the restore doesn't fix the problem, then we'll attempt to diagnose a hardware fault.

For example, a few weeks ago I dealt with a customer who was adamant their CD drive was faulty because when you would put a new disk in, it would not recognise that you had and would still think the old disc was in the drive. After a lot of tooing and froing (Including me booting from a DOS disk and accessing the drive perfectly well) we eventually agreed to restore the customers pc for free (Usually we charge £19.99). Fixed the problem and not heard from customer since.

  [DELETED] 21:04 05 Aug 2003

'does PCW technicians know what they are talking about?'...you are using plural terms when only one technician was involved. Q-Bie is correct, most computer faults are software related. Why didn't your friend have the technician test the CD drive on site as, I assume, it was still under guarantee?


  v1asco 22:49 05 Aug 2003

or why didn't PCW offer the same service?

  [DELETED] 23:38 05 Aug 2003

Call me cynical but if I took a computer back to PCW I would expect them to fix it rather than send me away with DIY instructions. from what I have seen of PCWs service I have never seen anyone sent away with a lsit of instructions. Self responsibility should be used in the absence of other options.


  Forum Editor 23:42 05 Aug 2003

of recommending a reinstall of the operating system as a first resort seems to be spreading. It's true that when trouble strikes with new computers it almost always turns out to be software related - people find it hard to resist twiddling with the settings and configuration options.

I suppose that recommending a reinstallation of Windows is the shortest line between A (machine not working) and B (Operating system defaults all restored in one go). I do wish that support line and helpdesk staff would spend just a moment of two doing a cockpit check with customers - taking them through some of the more obvious causes of problems before using the R word.

  recap 08:53 06 Aug 2003

OK, I personally would not go straight into a restore. I check the usuall things first, is there a conflict, is it the drivers, check to see if the cables are seated correctly etc. Or,is this just me be being of the old school (so to speak)?

I know a restore will put the system back to were it was a day or a week previous but this does not always work and you are still left with the same problem, that is that you will have to do all the usuall checks, which to me seems to be the wrong way around the problem. A system restore to me is the last resort with this type of problem.

  [DELETED] 09:36 06 Aug 2003

'does PCW technicians know what they are talking about?'...you are using plural terms when only one technician was involved. (Dear kettle...)

PCW only has 1 technician. He speeds from store to store on a Harley.

And there I was dispensing 'reinstall os over itself' advice in the Helproom.

In all fairness to PCW, they're inundated with pc's which don't work so they're busy all the time. Why doesn't someone invent a pc that works ;o)?

  [DELETED] 09:44 06 Aug 2003

Actually the best solution for all the problems I've had in the past - several PCs worth would be as follows:

Place feet in bucket of water.
Connect computer keyboard directly to mains supply (or 5000 volt supply if available)
Place notice on computer 'Now fiddle!!'

Had that been done earlier in my life, I would probably have had far fewer problems. I have some sympathy with PCW technicians but also much sympathy with the posters here.

Judging by the questions I am asked at work (an airline flightdeck) there are many people that know absolutely 'jack' about computers and therefore the 'R' word probably DOES sort out their errors.

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