PC world wont refund for the laptop they lost.

  fmandala 10:41 15 Sep 2011

Hi, any advice will help please.

I purchased a refurbished laptop online from pcworld, but it had a fault from day one and they couldnt fix the problem. They agreed to refund/exchange once I return the item to them (It took two weeks to let me return it). Now, the driver did not turn up the first and the second time (They made me wait for him the whole day). When I called the third time the guy at the pc world gave me the direct number to call their delivery company (Yodel)of which I did. The woman at Yodel then said the same driver was going to come to collect that item on the next day, and so he did. He gave me a small yellow sticker with a long number on it and stick another similar sticker on the box I gave him.

The problem is, it looks like the pcworld have lost or did not received the item, but every time I call them to get this matter sorted they tell me someone will call me. I have called them several times and they'd either give me wrong email address and wouldnt give me their head office number or address. It has been over two weeks now I am not getting anywhere with them.

Has anyone had this problem before and what did you do to sort it out. Yodel said it was an authorised collection they cant only talk to pcworld.

Please help


  woodchip 11:34 15 Sep 2011

If it was Bought using your Credit Card there should not be any difference in how you go about getting your Money Back. Contact Credit Card and Explin the Problem. It still comes under Consumer Credit Act

  Kevscar1 12:48 15 Sep 2011

Contact the courier company and ask them to track the number then you will have proof that either PC World recieved it and lost it or the couriers did.

  Forum Editor 17:00 15 Sep 2011

I have contacted someone at DSG about your case. Please could you email me as soon as possible ([email protected]) with your name, address, and any reference numbers that you have.

Don't post any details here.

  fmandala 17:13 15 Sep 2011

Hi Editor.

Thanks for your help, I have just sent you an email.


  spuds 18:14 15 Sep 2011

There seems to be a number of very similar threads regarding lost laptops, and lack of help from PCW staff or the courier service.

Since the change of name from Tech Guys nothing appears to have changed much, even though it was stated that the customer would find an improvement in the services being offered. If the Forum Editor's offer doesn't resolve the problem, then get in touch with Katie Bickerstaffe at DSG's main office. She as put it on record that she would like to hear from anyone who were having problems from the new procedures that should now be in place.

  fmandala 18:42 15 Sep 2011

Thanks Spuds, still waiting to hear from the Forum Editor. "Know how" does my head in, everytime I call them I need to explain the same thing over and over again, they dont put notes on their system (Although they say they do). They cant even deligate one person to follow up my case whom I can talk to, as a result there is no progress they all say "I've put a note, someone will call you in next 48 hours" Nobody calls. Mind you I get charged to call 0844/0871 numbers.

  Forum Editor 23:43 15 Sep 2011

"still waiting to hear from the Forum Editor."

You won't hear any more from me until I hear from DSG, and that may take a day or so.

Thank you for the emailed information.

  jaraba 00:54 16 Sep 2011
  fmandala 19:14 19 Sep 2011

Hi, I decided to write them a letter (To the head office) and requested a reply in writing, explaining all the details telling them I want my money back (That was Thursday last week).

Well, nobody called me, so I called them again and they finally agreed to refund me. They sent me a "denial of receipt" declaration form of which I signed. Now I am waiting for the money to be refunded to my account, hopeful they will refund.

  Tim1964 23:40 20 Sep 2011

Give them 2 weeks written notice (by recorded delivery) that you will be starting a claim in the small claims court.

If/when they ignore it they will automatically lose the case and will have to pay your costs as well as compensation. If/when they ignore this as well then it's "bailiff time". The papers would love that type of story.

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