pc world - what a joke

  calcium 14:36 25 Mar 2011

Has anyone out there had to pay for something that you just havent purchased from pc world because you have never physically been in any of their stores, but yet they manage to gain access to your bank account and take payments? i have complained until i am blue in the face who do i speak to , need help on this matter.

  wee eddie 14:54 25 Mar 2011

Then speak to your Bank, specifically, to find out how the payment was authorised. Bacs, Direct Debit, whatever, each leaves its own Audit trail.

Having found that out, you ask the Bank to take it up with PCW, who may have, what appears to them to be, a perfectly normal set of Documents. Possibly made out by someone else. If Fraud is involved, then your bank should be able to advise you and will probably act on your behalf.

  HondaMan 16:09 25 Mar 2011

If it was done by direct debit - don't forget the direct debit guarantee!

  Forum Editor 18:01 25 Mar 2011

can you tell us what you are supposed to have purchased, and how much money was taken from your account?

It would also be helpful to know how many payments were taken, and by what means - was a direct debit used?

  spuds 18:32 25 Mar 2011

How and who did you complain to, and what was the response ?.

  Forum Editor 18:48 25 Mar 2011

that you posted in the Helproom that the payments were taken by Direct Debit, and that you have never signed a Direct Debit mandate.

Ask your bank for details of the mandate - they'll tell you when it was set up,how it was done, and by whom.

  rdave13 19:03 25 Mar 2011

In your shoes I'd be having a bit of a 'wobbler' as well. Unfortunately you do not need to 'physically' go to the stores to purchase products. Sounds as your account might have been 'hacked', so as above, contact your bank as soon as.
PC World won't be aware if your account has been hacked or not, just think it's a legitimate contract.

  finerty 20:28 25 Mar 2011

were are you calcuim????

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