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  Rioja 21:02 14 Sep 2004

If an item is not described as a "Web Exclusive" or "Web Only Offer" or other obviously limiting description, would you expect it to be an in-store price?
I ask as, for at least a fortnight, the "Trust Wireless Optical Deskset" - Product Code 256681 has been shown on offer for £16.99 but my local store is charging £24.99.
Under protest I paid the higher price but wonder if I will have any joy in claimimg a refund from Customer Services.

  ayrmail 21:38 14 Sep 2004

why didn't you order it of the web site if you have been looking at it for 2 weeks?

  mikef. 21:50 14 Sep 2004

As has been pointed out before here PC World web site operates it's own pricing structure as do all the stores in the DSG group so there are bound to be discrepancies in pricings.So as to your question the answer is probably no

  Q-Bie 22:23 14 Sep 2004

It does state in the sites Terms and Conditions:

"Please note that products, prices and offers in our stores may differ from those featured on this site."


  Rioja 22:24 14 Sep 2004

ayrmail: I actually bought it on 25th August as, at the time, the website described this as a Bank Holiday offer ending 31/08/04! Agreed it would have been cheaper to order online and pay postage but I had made a 20 mile journey and also had a £20 voucher to spend!

mikef.: I had assumed that whereas some prices are specifically noted to be web-only, by implication, others must be in-store.

  spuds 23:25 14 Sep 2004

You will usually find that PC World store prices and on-line prices are different. This same rule also applies to Comet. Neither stores will except the on-line price, unless the store manager feel generous, and puts the item through the till as 'Managers Discount'or 'Damaged Item'.

I had a problem with Comet pricing methods a few months ago.Checked for a printer on the internet, wanted to know further details and contacted the sites given telephone number [call centre], was informed that I could pick up a printer from my local store [the call centre checked local stores stock level]and they would make arrangements for me to collect printer at same price on internet. I visited the store with all transaction details, and store didn't want to know initially. After further prolonged discussions, store relented and supplied printer 'at near' online price. I wrote to Comet customer service about the problems incurred, but my complaint was a total waste of time and effort, due to 'company policy'.Comet have now lost my custom forever.

  Rioja 20:43 15 Sep 2004

Does n't seem to make much sense to me. If prices shown are usually different to in-store, why only show certain ones as web-only (normally along with the in-store price)?
As I said, if some are marked as web-only then, by implication, surely others must be in-store as there is nowhere else!

  plsndrs3 15:11 16 Sep 2004

I recently bought a digital camera for my daughter from Currys - part of DSG. Online price differed from the store price by about 20%, but I was in a 'must have NOW' situation after leaving it too late to buy via the web.

I went into the store clutching my screen prints to make sure I got the camera she wanted. The sales girl showed me the camera and all its features, then asked if the paperwork in my hand related to the same camera on line and I replied that it was. She asked if it was cheaper and I replied 'Yes, but I don't expect you to match as it is from your own site.' She went away, came back a few minutes later and said that her Manager offered an online price match and - even though it was their own site - she was to match.

I walked away very happy & posted on here what happened. As spuds said, if the manager is feeling good the day you walk in, anything is possible!



  Rioja 18:47 16 Sep 2004

Today I received this response from customer services.

"Thank you for your recent email enquiry,

I am sorry to hear of the problems you have encountered whilst making
your recent purchase, Our Website prices and offers only refer to products
listed on the site as explained in the terms & conditions on the site.

Not all items are listed as web exclusives as they may be offered in-store
on rare occasions at this lower price. I appreciate this may cause confusion,
but can assure you that it is never our intention to mislead our customers in

In order for our customer to benefit from the lower or web exclusive price,
your order will have to be placed via our Website.

Kind Regards,

Richard Gillott
PC World Customer Services"

Maybe it's me but I find the statement "Not all items are listed as web exclusives as they may be offered in-store on rare occasions at this lower price" reinforces the way I was thinking.

  Diodorus Siculus 19:23 16 Sep 2004

Even between their stores there can be a discrepancy in pricing. Last week in my local PCW and picked up an external USB modem for £2.50 (yes, two fifty) complete with cable and phone line. It was in the "bargain corner". It works fine so will be good when next someone has a problem with a modem. I will have a cheap solution for them.

I went back on Monday and they had two more there for £4.99 each so I thought "why not?" and bought both.

Yesterday I was in one of their other stores and saw the same modems advertised as half price: £19.99 down from £39.99. Needless to say, I didn't bother buying one!

The moral, if indeed there is a moral to the story, is that shopping around is a useful experience. Granted, there are relatively few PCW stores in any given area. But when one sees a bargain, it is worth taking advantage of.

  Q-Bie 20:12 16 Sep 2004

In-store pricing discrepancies are usually due to 2 things.

1) Manager offers on Clearance Items
2) Incorrect Price Tags

All stores are linked to the same stock/pricing database.. those USB PC Line modems were £4.99 on the stock file so the price tag must've been missed. If you'd asked someone to scan them in for you, you would have seen the correct price.


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