PC world - Theft at point of purchase

  grrrlfriday 22:34 12 Jul 2008

Been reading the forum and wanted to share my own PC world experience. Bought a fairly inexpensive monitor (150 quid) and scanner (£70 quid) from PC world in Stockport, Greater Manchester. At the till point money was discounted from both items and "PC Performance" (£20 quid) was added to the bill to cover a £70 scanner. All of this without my knowledge until I looked at the receipt when I was installing the kit a week later.

Customer services department were worse than useless and don't quite get the point I'm trying to make....it's not the money (an insignificant amount really), it's the fact that one of their staff took moeny from my account without my knowledge and as far as I see it - that's theft.

Spent 6 weeks of my life trying to sort this one out - they did offer £50 compensation but then withdrew the offer....the only option I see I have is to write to their head office.....does anyone have any other suggestions?

  papa lazarous 22:46 12 Jul 2008

PC Performance comes as 2 types. One is a one off payment of 9.99 or 19.99 depending on the products value which last for usually 3 years. The other is a direct debit varying from 1.99 to 9.99 per month and lasting for as long as you keep up the payments.

1) Did you sign for a direct debit? If yes then maybe you should have questioned or at least read the paperwork you were signing. If no then any PC Performance must have been the one off payment type.

2) Was the total amount more than the products cost i.e. was the PC Performance added as an extra cost? If it was then the till operator was in the wrong (but it does say check amount & enter pin!). If there was no extra charge (you said money was discounted) then you have got 3 years PC Performance for free, in which case I can't see a problem.

  ajm 23:03 12 Jul 2008

With respect, it seems that you are making a big thing out of something that isnt. ,," it's the fact that one of their staff took moeny from my account without my knowledge and as far as I see it - that's theft"" How can money be taken from your accont.

As papa lazarous points out in his explanation of point 2, you have got 3 years of PC performance on the scanner for free. This is worth £20 and has been deducted from the product prices.

  grrrlfriday 23:15 12 Jul 2008

Unfortunately the discounts didn't cover the whole cost of the cover - so although not a huge financial issue I was charged for something I didn't want and this is wrong.

  Forum Editor 23:17 12 Jul 2008

you presumably keyed your card PIN into the terminal, on which was clearly displayed the amount you were paying - you had ample opportunity to query the total amount at that stage.

No theft has occurred.

  ajm 23:26 12 Jul 2008

If that is the case, then you must go back to the store and explain that you didnt wish to take the serice out and to ask them to refund and resell the goods without any discount,at the original price.

  ajm 23:26 12 Jul 2008

I meant to type..didn't wish to take the service agreement out

  ronalddonald 07:33 13 Jul 2008

could stand outside with a placard stating this is a peaceful demostration and hand out small peieces of paper why you are making a protest and let other people know how you have been wronged but beware they may call the police.

This would affect their business.
and ineffect you would do more damage than losing the £20 quid.

Have tried contacting citizens advice bureau and local trading standards to see if they can help

  Forum Editor 09:18 13 Jul 2008

Don't be so ridiculous.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 09:58 13 Jul 2008

Not wishing to be blunt but if you agreed to the purchase amount and then tapped in your PIN then you are the only person to blame in this. You were a bit dim not to check the amount which you agreed to.

ronalddonald..you really have not got a clue have you? She has not had money stolen...she agreed to the amount /eyes raise higher then ever before.


  spuds 11:37 13 Jul 2008

I always check till receipts at the time of any transaction, never a week later. It's far to risky :O)

No point in moaning that it as "taken 6 weeks of my life trying to sort this one out".Next time, this experience,if there is one, might prove beneficial.

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