PC World staff training

  WaTcHiNg 20:26 28 Mar 2003

I wonder, do PC World train their staff?
I've just left PC World in Blackburn, Lancashire after asking abuot SerialATA:

Me: Hi, do you have a range of SerialATA hard drives?
Shop teckie: No, we don't have any of those because it's really old technology.
Me: Are you sure we're talking about the sa....
Shop teckie (rudely interrupting): Yes we aer, it's been out for ages and it's going to be relaunched because it's old technology
Me: You are talking about the same SerialATA also known as ATA150 aren't you?
Shop teckie: Yes of course. We don't do any because it's old technology now.

How can this be old technology when system board support has been out 6 months and drives have only been readily available for 3 months (approx).
The shop teckie I spoke to was one from their technical department as the sales staff had never heard of Serial ATA.

  AMD 4 ever 20:50 28 Mar 2003

Says it all!
Did you seriousy expect them to know what Serial ATA is...?

It is fairly new but the logic isn't new....
They will be silly prices there too...goto

click here or click here

P.S Your motherboard must support it and also make sure you get the IDE adapter aswell!

  WaTcHiNg 20:55 28 Mar 2003

I've already looked at the prices on Scan and that's where I'll get the drive from now.
I'll also get a true SATA disk so no need to fuss with the convertor :)

  Colin 21:35 28 Mar 2003

I asume that if you know what SerialATA is then you are relatively PC savvy. The best way to shop at PC World is to just look on the shelves. If it ain't there, they ain't got it! I wouldn't ask a memeber of PC World staff for help to save my life.

  bloo meeny 10:32 31 Mar 2003

You found a member of staff ?

In a PC World store ??

I never saw anyone - apart from the omnipresent security guard glaring down from his/her watchtower adjacent to the (unmanned) checkout.

  lemon2 14:45 31 Mar 2003

I've always found that if you find someone, enventually. Theyv'e only just started that day/week and "dunno" is the usaul reply.

  slysy 15:32 31 Mar 2003

I have always found them to be than helpful......

i.e. "why dont you try buying from this/that store"

"I'll just go and ask someone" where did they go then?

Got to laugh!!!!

Got to feel sorry for those that aren't in the know about PC's

  Stuartli 18:06 31 Mar 2003

As with any business, if the staff are not interested in keeping up to date and knowledgeable about the products or service it is selling or providing, then it's the business that suffers as well as customers.

As has been suggested, just buy what you know what you want, at the price you want or, better still, deal with a company whose employees know their subject.

That's usually one of the smaller independent outlets....:-)

  Djohn 18:32 31 Mar 2003

I know that PC World has taken some criticism over the past year or two, but I have always found them to be very helpful/polite and courteous.

My local store, (Norwich) is a large store, and I have bought many items from there recently.

A couple of them had faults within the first few months, and it has been no problem for the store to replace, on one occasion I did not even have the box, or receipt. Regards. J.

  sdf 20:01 31 Mar 2003

PC World do not offer any form of training. My flatmate worked in one of their branches for about a year and a half, and he is NO way a techie, and he (nore any of his co-workers) did not recieve any form of IT related training in that time. The only reason I think they are still around is economies of scale. I work for a smaller company, mobile phones, but same principle applies. we have a Carphone warehouse (another good example of this topic! employing people who are basically one there as checkout operators but are hyped up), link, and fonehouse in town, and I have spent hours chatting to their staff (were all quite friendly) and had to explain to one member off staff what GPRS & MMS was. Worrying that people trust these companies advice

  recap 20:17 31 Mar 2003

I used to work for PCW and only got the bare essentials of the innards of a PC, what Ram was, What MHz stood for that sort of thing. The rest you had to pick up as you went along.

The most intensive training that was give at the time I was working there was on the sales side.

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