PC World Service (or rather, lack of) part 2

  Diodorus Siculus 08:15 07 Sep 2004

pjwheeldon - I honestly don't think that there is a company out there with whom every customer is 100% satisfied. (I used to think that Crucial.com/uk was that company but now we have had two people make small complaints. All are fallible, it seems!)

PCWorld has its share of detractors here but I cannot complain about them. Yesterday I picked up a 40GB 7200rpm Samsung hdd in their clearance section for £20 - assuming it works (and as I will be away for a few days I don't have time to find out) it will have been a bargain.

Online purchases are a different matter; they can be problematic particularly for a company that has a web presence seconcary to its retail outlets. Can you return everything to them and start again with a new supplier?

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