PC World Service (or rather, lack of) part 2

  pjwheeldon 01:25 07 Sep 2004

Further to earlier comments, which I don't appear to be able to reply to, had 2 further deliveries from PCworld. A DVD writer was "lost by the couriers" and never turned up, and a 4/4pin firewire cable was sent in place of a 4/6 cable.
As per my earlier posting, I actually asked if anyone had had similar experiences with this company?

  Diodorus Siculus 08:15 07 Sep 2004

pjwheeldon - I honestly don't think that there is a company out there with whom every customer is 100% satisfied. (I used to think that Crucial.com/uk was that company but now we have had two people make small complaints. All are fallible, it seems!)

PCWorld has its share of detractors here but I cannot complain about them. Yesterday I picked up a 40GB 7200rpm Samsung hdd in their clearance section for £20 - assuming it works (and as I will be away for a few days I don't have time to find out) it will have been a bargain.

Online purchases are a different matter; they can be problematic particularly for a company that has a web presence seconcary to its retail outlets. Can you return everything to them and start again with a new supplier?

  spuds 13:51 07 Sep 2004

All on-line companies have some problems at some time or another. Ebuyer send out thousands of shipments per week, and perhaps I am one of the lucky customers who seem to get what they have ordered, others have not been as fortunate by some of the complaints seen within the forum.

Screwfix have been a very long standing customer based company, with first rate products and customer service. Recently they have changed their distribution and employee base, which as proved to be a big thorn, with old account customers [like myself]receiving wrong deliveries.This as now made me and many others, not very happy and totally disappointed. That's life I suppose, or so I keep being told.

  MidgetMan 14:00 07 Sep 2004

Sssssh, if you listen carefully you can hear the galloping hooves of a white horse with a wizard on it approaching!!

On a more serious note though, I have used them with no probs, but have also used Planet-Micro loads of times aswell and had small hiccups in delivery, also bought online from argos (overall good, but again hiccups) Big pockets (see argos)homebase (see argos)screwfix direct (see argos) the list is endless.

Where a company uses 3rd party couriers things will sometimes get there late/be lost/be damaged etc, all of the probs I have had with retailers etc have normally been sorted out with a few e-mails or a quick call. In the main PC World are very at what they do, and because of the number of orders they deal with you have to expect a mistake now and again,

  Djohn 20:35 07 Sep 2004

I read many reports of bad or even atrocious service from PC World and though I have no reason to doubt the validity of the people who complain, I have used them on many occasions over the past five years and never once had reason to complain.

True, there have been quite a few times when the item has been faulty or even me that has changed my mind after three or four weeks and asked for a replacement of a different brand or a refund of my money and I've yet to be let down.

I always approach PC World in a respectful manner and make the sales person feel good about dealing with my order or solving my problem, guide him/her so that it is their suggestion to replace or refund, makes them feel they have helped me and gives both them and myself a good feeling for the rest of the day. :o)

  corkythecat 23:03 07 Sep 2004

i have fixed pc's for 20 odd yrs and buy products
from them, when im in the shop i stand by the help desk to listen to peoples problems and kill myself laughing the rubbish they spout out about problems & products customers are buying, sometimes often have a chat with customer an give advice. staff dont know about the products there selling.

  harps1h 23:22 07 Sep 2004

funny i thought the same.working in retail i know i could make a killing there as i know more about customer service than my all my local pc world staff put together. mind you i could say the same about currys, but then thats another story!

  pjwheeldon 01:23 08 Sep 2004

I am only talking about their online components service. Going to the store has always been fine (although agree with you corkythecat that they are best not relied on for technical assistance). Not sure I agree with some of you on the "this stuff just happens" type approach; to excuse a purpose-designed high volume mail order business its cock-ups just because it’s in the high volume mail order business seems generous to a fault!
I admit that I am one of "those customers" who complains at any lapse in service if it’s not reasonable or controllable, but in all cases so far at least I can lock horns with someone on the phone, and quickly sort things out. I'm finding PCWorld's e-mail only customer support, and "sort-it-out-yourself" returns policy incredibly annoying!
Still I am in danger of ranting; not my intention, honestly, so just a quick tip. Their Returns Pack tells you you have to return the goods by recorded or special delivery. Refuse unless they agree to reimburse all costs and they will offer to send you a pre-paid securicor returns pack! And what’s more eventually after a week or so it might turn up!!

  pjwheeldon 17:30 09 Sep 2004

Well, finally got everything resolved, thank god. Had a phone call from manager at PCWorld Component Shop, apologised for the various cock-ups, sent replacements for everything by courier and offered free delivery on next products.
Only a shame that I had to cc in DGS Retail Ltd and their various media directors before I could speak to someone.
Still happy ordering, everyone!!!

  pjwheeldon 13:21 14 Sep 2004

Get my replacement items on Saturday, only to find the cable was still the wrong type. Fired off an e-mail and was promised a call back on Monday to sort out. Sent a reminder today (Tuesday) and still waiting.......

  Diodorus Siculus 13:24 14 Sep 2004

Counting chickens and all that! :-}

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