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  happymonkey 21:53 28 May 2003

I purchased a Medion laptop from PC World in January and took it back in February because of numerous faults. After much argument with the store manager, I exchanged it for a Sharp model. A couple of weeks ago the hard drive failed and I was informed it would have to be collected, assessed and repaired. Would I have been within in my rights to reject it and claim a refund? As it happens it was collected 20th of this month and I was told it would be away for 5 working days. I received a message from them today saying they are waiting on parts with no estimated delivery time as yet. What is the next step and how long should I give them. Not impressed so far. The hardware support team leave a lot to be desired.

  davidg_richmond 22:19 28 May 2003

Hi happymonkey,

You would not necessarily be within your rights to reject it unless you had bought it after 31st March this year.

In the first year of guarantee with PC World, if the repair takes longer than 4 weeks you can request a replacement laptop. The hard disk will be on order from the suppliers, and being a Sharp the hard disk is probably a Fujitsu or Hitachi, and should be easily sourced.

  Forum Editor 22:46 28 May 2003

what was the "much argument with the store manager" about?

  happymonkey 22:59 28 May 2003

Thanks to davidg for the response. As for the "much argument with the store manager" business. The product was just outside the 28 day noney back guarantee. The manager would not give a refund so I quoted the Sale of Goods act and told them I would sue them. They still wouldn`t budge so I suggested that we compromise and exchange it. I paid an extra £100 for the Sharp model which was not displayed in the store as they had "just come in". Imagine my surprise when two days later, the same model was displayed in a PCW advert in the Mirror £100 cheaper. Straight back to the store for another argument. Got my £100 back though. I think they are getting me back now!

  Kyomii 23:16 28 May 2003

Also out of interest, what were the "numerous faults" with the Medion?

I have encountered quite a few Medion machines and usually these are very good, well built machines, that run efficiently,

You must unfortunately had a very bad one for it to have many faults. :/

  happymonkey 16:08 29 May 2003

As far as the faults were concerned, there were no major ones. The trackpad was awful to use and one of the mouse buttons kept sticking down which made it impossible to use without an external mouse. Also, the lid was becoming harder to stay upright. The hinges were getting slacker. Couple of other minor faults but overall, I didn`t think it had any longevity in it. It didn`t feel as well screwed together as say a Dell.

  davidg_richmond 00:56 30 May 2003

They are not minor faults, happymonkey. Build quality like that falls below what is reasonably expected of an expensive item.

The trackpad was probably the same on all of those laptops, as you will find that their quality varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, model to model etc. But the mouse button and hinges hints at non-conformity to contract and you were within your rights to ask for an exchange or refund within a reasonable time. A reasonable time - most retailers set this at 28-30 days, but it depends on the product and how long it may have taken to notice the fault.

  Kyomii 05:29 30 May 2003

You unfortunatley had a bad one then - I own two Medion laptops and have four friends who own Medion lappys too.

The hinges are quite stiff on them all - I can have the screen at any angle an it holds its place.

Trackpad is same as in most laptops - it does take time to get used to, but there are a lot of settings - and I mean a lot - on the Medion models that you can change to your liking.

As for the sticking mouse buttons, I never use mine, I have external optical mice on both without problems.

Given the problems you had, it "sounds" like you could have been lumbered with a showroom model. Several people and children pushing and clicking the mouse buttons and opening and shutting the lid day after day without taking care would easily result in the symptoms you experienced with any laptop.

I personally think they are as well made, if not better than the Dell (which I have owned previously), but then its horses for courses.

As a system builder though (and I have said this before), at the present time, I would only ever consider buying Medion machines for various reasons.

I hope your Sharp gets sorted soon :)

  [email protected] 06:27 30 May 2003

Can I ask why you feel so strongly that Medion would be your only choice of machine ?

  happymonkey 18:51 30 May 2003

I do not believe that all Medion machines are not well made. The machine in question was good value for money considering the spec. However, having used Dell, Compaq and Toshiba laptops, there seemed a difference in the quality of build. Just my opinon. As far as the mouse buttons were concerned, I did buy an optical mouse to replace the built in one, but this negates the portability of the machine in my view.

BTW, the machine was purchased from PCW`s website.

  happymonkey 22:59 02 Jun 2003

Hi All

I was wondering what would be a fair length of time before I hassle PCW with regard to the return of my laptop. They will have had it for 2 weeks come tomorrow and I have had 1 message from them telling me they are waiting on a new hard drive and do not have a estimated delivery time yet. Should I call them everyday? I think 14 days is enough time. What does anyone else think?

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